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  1. japanese audience must have had a much deeper view of berryz than me as a westerner.
    i m limited to relatively 0 translated berryz video compared to momusu
    so i never had the same connection

    37. chis recklessness? lol i d see eating icecream on stage as disrespektfull. i mean…keep that for your private life.

  2. I think one of the reasons EbiChu is my favorite group now, is that they have a Berryz-like energy/aura about them. H!P just isn’t the same. Things change of course, but no Tsunku is the main issue here for me. I do LOVE Country Girls.& Juice=Juice however. Those two groups, to me, have the most “old H!P” flava.

  3. I still pangs of loss. Being able to see Momochi, Miyabi, and Maasa pretty regularly helps, as well as being able to see Chinami’s cute instagrams and Yurina’s posts as well keeps my spirits up. Knowing that they’re still following their dreams makes me happy.

  4. I’ve tried to be a fan since Berryz graduated — honestly, I have — but my heart’s not in it anymore. I used to be the kind of person who would fly across the country for a concert or sneakily schedule a group Japan vacation around when I thought a graduation might occur. Now, it’s noteworthy when I actually bother to listen to a new single more than once.

    I know that the loss of Berryz might not resonate with many younger fans, who may be into idols and learn their songs and dances because they’re cool. Berryz wasn’t really that kind of group, even after they had mostly moved past fish costumes. More than anything else, Berryz was about having fun with singing, dancing, and performing, and about growing up. They performed a lot of music meant for everyone, including anime songs and dance songs the whole family could enjoy.

    There’s a special energy to Berryz — I’ll extend it to pre-debut C-ute as well — that I don’t think we’ll see out of H!P again any time soon. There’s so much competition in the idol industry right now and so much is focused on making as much money as possible as efficiently as you can. I think there’s a lot of emphasis on making sure that groups are performing at a high professional level at the time of their debut and fitting groups into a marketable “mold.” There’s not much room, right now, for a crowd of kids to sing and act like a crowd of kids. With Berryz, we had that, along with a producer and songwriter who treated their imperfections and their youth as an asset.

    • This is the best comment ever ;_; You speak the truth good Berry fan >A< Berryz was really special, they were the fun and quirky group and that worked for them soooo well. That's why I love them.

  5. It was sad to see Berryz decline in it’s last few years. As much as I miss them, I’m glad they got put out of their misery.

    • With the way J-Pop operates I’m not really sure it’s the girls’ fault. It seemed management gave up on Berryz when they were doing well and focused big pushes on Morning Musume and C-ute, Of course it also seems the girls eventually realized it and mostly quit giving a crap too…

  6. With the same reasons wota mentioned, I’ve not watch their final concert either. Too bad that no one mention my first oshi Saki, who brought me to this idol world :( But since i can still her from time to time, I can’t complain much

  7. Berryz koubou was the first group I followed, but I just didn’t get the “connection” they’re talking about. When I saw the rest of H!P, the more I can’t see the appeal of berryz too.

    Maybe it helps I’m not a tsunku wota, coz I didn’t appreciate the songs either. I love the live perfs, and when they sing live recently, it doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe fun songs were fun when they were younger, but recently they just felt nothing, no matter how “genius” tsunku could have been in creating that song.

  8. To me, Berryz Koubou were okay but the percentage of the singles that I liked from them was only around fifty per cent. So, when they graduated, I was more of the mind “they had a ten year run, and now it’s time for them to move on, but at least they can do so without regrets”.

    As for missing them, with Country Girls, Kobshi Factory, Tsubaki Factory, and ANGERME, there is still plenty of good music out there even if you cannot find a replacement for your number one individual idol.

  9. I started getting into Berryz when ai wa itsumo naka ni came out… obviously that was too late :( now I’m like “I could have given them more love all these years”… that’s why I’m into Kobushi… I want to see them grow like all those Berryz fans did… and I really like all their songs without exceptions… that’s pretty rare because I’m usually very picky when it comes to music…

    but I’ve always loved Buono!… especially because of Momochi and Airi… ah… who am I kidding… Miyabi is awesome, too ^^ I’m a musician and Buono always felt like a band… like LovendoR… not because of the members but the music was more rock than pop…

    for years I focused on Momusu… but H!P in general is exceptional… so I don’t want to miss a single song…

  10. Berryz was good but I never found them super funy and I guess that is what i like the most. Thats why I love momusu more everyday 9th 10th and Sakura are really funny and 12th slowly becomes better. What I liked the most from Berryz were the actual songs, Tsunku gave them some gems there.

    • Come back after watching their dvd mag. MM, especially since 9th gen, is a borefest compared to BK. The worst being JJ imo.

      • Exactly, what momusu lacks now…is fun :P they’ve been so annoying with their “singing!” singing!” that is extremely boring

  11. sorry but Nope… They ran their course as an idol group and started to get stale so it was inevitable… Didnt really dislike the Berryz as a whole but they also didnt draw my attention… I kind of only rooted for Momo and the captain individually instead of rooting for the group and both of my Berryz Oshi are still in H!P in some type of way, shape or form

  12. I’ll be honest, never really cared much for Berryz, so I really can’t see where these wota are coming from… I guess you had to be there from the beginning.

    • I joined H!P fandom several years after the beginning of Berryz. The first group I was around for at the “beginning” was S/Mileage and they have been my number 2 behind Morning Musume.’16 for a while. However, I do not pay a lot of attention to the KSS/H!P Eggs, mostly because it would be too traumatic if my favorite trainee never had her debut. So, I was not there for the absolute beginning of S/Mileage since when they had their first indy single they were completely new to me (except for Yuuka who was in High King). I guess that I will never be with an H!P group from the absolute beginning.

  13. The loss of Berryz Koubo has been tough for me as they were my gateway into Japanese pop music and the idol world. I was initially a K-Pop fan and one day while surfing through Youtube for SNSD and BIGBANG vids, I got a suggestion to listen to Renai Rider. I loved the song and video, but found no other Buono! work worth my time. Along the way, I found Berryz vids and got totally hooked.

    For a time, it was nothing but Berryz Koubo for me. If Momusu hadn’t brought on 9th Generation and s/mileage got their 2d Generation, I’d probably be back exclusively to Korean music.

  14. Struggling? I quit HP related news(other than Henka’s) and went to Momoclo. That’s what

  15. Every.



    I watched them grow up; they became a fixture in my J-Pop appreciation.

    And now they have scattered on the wind and the page turns.

    There are many groups today — even just within H!P — to succeed them… but there will never be anything to replace them.

    They were admittedly an “acquired taste” but if you don’t know, now you never will.

    (And I still have to roll my eyes now whenever some wota wails and gnashes their teeth over the graduation of the sole idol who is their oshii, and then through the tears they vow to abandon all things J-Pop, they swear they will never know joy again, promise to carry that torch forever, et cetera, et cetera. For ONE idol with a mere ~1200-to-1500-day career, mind you. Sigh.)

  16. i was kinda hoping momochi and miyabi would restart Buono! as a 2-person band until C-ute finally winds up too. but with momo doing country girls fulltime, and miya creating her own group, i guess that won’t be happening.

    • If by “won’t be happening” you mean “Buono! has a Budokan concert scheduled for August 25th of this year, guest-starring each of the members’ main groups (including the long-awaited debut of Miya’s new one)” then yes, a Buono! reunion won’t be happening.

      Buono! is and always has been a secondary unit, but it is still very much alive and kicking — if just not particularly active.

  17. Ok, so to all those people who are like: “Eeeh, why are these wota so sad?” “Eeeeh, I never got the connection with them”, etc… Seriously, if you feel that way don’t comment here, you clearly weren’t big Berryz fans like them or some of us so you won’t understand at all. I still follow the other H!P groups and have other girls I love but Berryz were really special in my eyes like no one else and they shall forever be my favorite group ever. It’s not really that you had to be there from the very beginning because I personally wasn’t and I still grew fond of them so very much because they were fun and nice and great performers and also got great songs; so you couldn’t see that? Fine, your problem but don’t come here to leave those depressing messages. I personally hate to read them.

    Anyway, rant over. To answer the question: I miss Berryz but I’m happy they’re pursuing other dreams now and that they’re happy with what they’re doing now, I deal with the graduation by watching their stuff and having fun like in those days, I don’t get bored of BK. ♥

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