18 comments on “Fukumura Mizuki gets nostalgic about Dohhh UP!

  1. >>50 “Wait, was Dohhh UP! that long ago?”
    I have the opposite feeling, I always think Dohhh UP! ended long ago, but it was just some years ago, everything changed so much when they moved to youtube. Changed for good, but still you can feel nostalgic about it.

  2. Dohhh Up! had some weird stuff on it though. They’d just have random videos of people driving.

  3. That site had the most random videos ever on there, some were pretty stupid… One that I loved and still have is the Niigaki & Kamei video where Kamei was there to promote Gaki’s new Alo-Hello 2 yet the baka Kamei ended up just talking about shooting rice out her nose for like 5 mins… Fuckin Hilarious

      • Thank you, saved me the trouble of posting it… Actually got sidetracked and starting watching old videos like this one stashed on my harddrive lol

  4. [3: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2014/04/29(火) 01:58:19.40 0.net
    I always forget how many h’s it has. (laughs)]
    same (lol)
    dohhh up is really help me to find H!P videos. aahhh… feeling old.

  5. Back then, when I still got youtube account, I took the H!P video from Dohhh up! at 2:00 in the morning (local time) to upload it to my channel. It was ages ago

  6. OMG I thought I had finally succeeded in forgetting Ships ever existed…
    Thanks Henkka lol

  7. As a more recent fan I didn’t realize that was an official site–when I ran across videos that had Dohhh UP! on them I thought it was just the watermark of whatever old fan site had uploaded them.

    Is there any particular explanation behind the name “Dohhh UP!”?

  8. Wow, I love this girl. I just wish I get a chance to kiss her boobs before I die

    • That seems like an incredibly tall order, and I will not be even coming close to wishing you luck.

  9. They have a free-for-all box? I wonder how much that has expanded Daishi’s wardrobe.

  10. I was laughing so hard at that SHIPS video. The audience was intense.

    I didn’t realize Dohhh UP! was an official part of Up-Front. It’s funny, most of the music videos I watched on YouTube (before the official H!P channels) came from Dohhh UP!. I never used the official DohUp site.

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  12. There was a video about an OL being sexually harassed at work on Dohhh UP!, and now I can’t find it or remember the name of the song or anything. Anyone know?

    • It was a duet with a guy who thought they were falling in love. Not knowing is killing me.

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