6 comments on “Hello! Project COMPLETE SINGLE BOOK 20th Anniversary Edition Roundtables: Fukumura Mizuki × Yamaki Risa

  1. I normally don’t read these long interview posts, but I did this time (it was hard not to because I love these two), and it was a really good read, I have to say! God, Fukuchan is so precious I want to cry… Both of them said some really great things, though.
    Thank you so much for putting the work into this translation!

  2. Thanks for your translations. Would love to see some translations from wotas about Yossy’s current situation.

  3. Fukumura: Also, the demo vocals of this song are the best… They’re Tsunku♂’s demo vocals and they really are just amazing. I think it was because I first heard Tsunku♂’s demo vocals that I was able to become so passionate about the song.

    So there are Tsunku demo vocals for Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe out there. Those might be some of his last.

    Tsunku! Release an album of your demo vocals already!!

    • Tsunku! Please release a box set with all your demo vocals already!

      The bits and pieces we got to hear here and there were amazing…



  4. Thanks a lot for translating this! It was great reading about all their memories that tie them to H!P and the songs they mentioned.

    I think it was kinda bad form of the people that planned this talk to happen to not inform them about this beforehand. There’s a huge gap between these “Loitering between the lines of Hello! Project” talks that are usually translated on here and this one. I bet while Yamakki and Fukuhime were happy they got to have this talk afterwards they might have gotten really frustrated with themselves because they remembered songs they might have liked to mention if only they had gotten the chance to prepare for this. /,D

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