28 comments on “Morning Musume’s “Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe” is a flawless masterpiece

    • I have to say even though i am a guy, I CRIED when listening to the song while reading the translated lyrics. Last song that made me cry from Momusu was SYO.
      Thanks for the masterpiece Tsunku.

  1. Oh wow~ This is such an amazing and wonderful song. LOVE IT!
    Can’t wait to see PV for this~

  2. When reading comments like the one from >219 I aways want to know what those guys thought about selling ability of Love Machine and Mikan.
    I’m so much in love with this song. I sincerely hope >219 is wrong.

    Bzw the song reminds me somehow on the Air tv OP.

  3. “395:名無し募集中。。。@転載禁止:2014/03/16(日) 01:13:00.72 ID:0
    It sounds like the first part of Bohemian Rhapsody, and then it just ends. I was expecting it to suddenly turn into like an African folk song in the middle.”

    I soooo want to hear a Morning Musume version of Bohemian Rhapsody now.

    “GALLILEO!, Gallileo, GALLILEO!, Gallileo….”

  4. “457:名無し募集中。。。@転載禁止:2014/03/16(日) 01:23:24.35 ID:0
    Tsunku did a pretty good job of resisting the temptation of throwing in some rap on there. When you get to my level, you can hear Gaki-san rapping all the way through the interlude.”

    I also thought there would be rap in it when I first heard it!
    Or at least, a part like Aichan saying “can you give it to me right now” in the background of Nakidasu Kamo Shirenai yo. The song kind of reminds me of Samui ne, too.

    I’ll go back to looping the song now…

  5. “498:名無し募集中。。。@転載禁止:2014/03/16(日) 01:32:12.44 ID:0
    I’m sure he was looking up at the sky through the window from his hospital bed while tweeting that.”

    This makes me sad.

  6. Damn, listening to this beautiful song and reading the comments about Tsunku’s illness made me so depressed. I even teared up.

    Don’t lose your battle against cancer, Tsunku. :(

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  8. You dont know how long i have been waiting for a true ballad from the next gen Momusu… Tsunku sama is on fire, dont know how people can acutally say he is a bad writer when he produces some of the best songs ever in the idol game… The lyrics are deep but the real star of this song is the frickin piano, amazing….. This song has now been ripped to my pc and currently on repeat even as I type this comment

    167:名無し募集中。。。@転載禁止:2014/03/16(日) 00:18:00.64 ID:0
    I don’t want Sayu to graduate but the song has such a feeling of majestic finality to it, it makes me feel like this it would be the perfect song for sending her off. (laughs)

    Haha, I thought so too… It has a graduation song feel, with the recent announcement of 12th gen auditions Shige sama’s graduation may be around the corner, maybe even fall…She has nothing left to prove, she is gonna go down as not only one the greatest idols ever but arguably best Morning Musume leader as well….. I love Namidacchi, it is by far my favorite Momusu song and happy that is sort of the official grad song but I wouldnt even be mad if this song replaces it….

  9. could still pass off as house music if they took out half the lyrics. and it still has that annoying pointless auto-tuning. so i wouldn’t say it’s platinium-fans friendly.

    but yes, it sounds like something that could end up on an anime songtrack.

  10. Finally, a nice slow song for a single. They haven’t done a nice one since the platinum era. I miss them.

  11. This is just a side sort of comment, but why is it that finding foreigners liking this song so funny to native Japanese? I feel like there is this huge misconception about fans overseas and it’s a little disheartening to see that pointed out in some of these translations.

    • I think for a lot of them it’s a matter of looking for a reason to rip on foreign fans simply for liking the group at all. I honestly get the feeling that a lot of Japanese fans of MM resent the fact that “their” girls have a following outside of Japan, so in the absence of anything real to ridicule they make shit up, like “oh, I thought the foreigners only liked EDM lolz!”

  12. i am a sucker for piano tunes so i totally loved this from the start.
    been looping it lol

  13. 957:名無し募集中。。。@転載禁止:2014/03/16(日) 17:52:27.10 ID:0
    I don’t even know what’s so good about it and still I’ve already listened to it like 30 times.

    This. The tears keep flowing and I keep repeating..

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  15. I knew it would be #1 but im still kinda of dissapointed in the 1st day sales… I expected it wouldnt sell nearly as much as the last single but under 100k is kind of frustrating since this IS A REALLY GOOD song, one of the best songs ever put out by any Morning Musume lineup

    • Songs before Goto Maki had the same level of melody quality, minus the EDM of course. But sadly, these kinds of songs won’t sell.

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