14 comments on “Miyazaki Yuka: “Hey! Baby monkey! LOL.”

    • Is it terrible of me that knew exactly which members each of the pictures represented even before I read the thread?

      • Explain it to me then! I only know Sayubee is supposed to be the monkey because of the title of the thread and I assume Karin is the ferret?

  1. Tomo punched Yuka’s belly
    Tomo flicked Karin’s forehead
    Tomo seems enjoying the situation whenever the other members suffer.
    Yuka call Sayuki “Baby Monkey”
    Yuka isn’t physically strong like Tomo and Ue, so she let those two bully the other two. That make a her a bully too.
    Sayuki who always become ‘different’ when it comes to Reina and Kuduu (especially her) things, and act like a maniac.
    Uemuu yelled to Yuka
    Uemuu forced Yuka to be her living couch
    Uemuu forced Tomo to kiss her (it looked like that)
    And no one dare to touch Uemuu whenever he get angry, except there is a chocolate or other sweets (the reason why everyone has “emergency Uemuu threat” in their pocket, probably, just kidding)
    And the last, and the most bullied person in the group, Karin, who seems enjoying her bullying sessions and ask for more.

    Indeed, a very barbaric group. But hey, this are the reason why we should follow this group. interesting isn’t it? XD

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  3. The first time I saw a Buono! MV and didn’t know the girl’s names I just remember them as the animal looking girls as well: Momoko: Fox, Airi: Mice, Miya: Horse.

  4. This thread is tooo funny!!! This group is hilarious and cant wait for the DVD Magazines to start pouring out since their backstage antics seem highly entertaining…Tomo is the devil by the way, been a long time since a H!P member was that awesomely evil :)

    Loved Sayubee since she was an egg and always thought she was cute, she can look like a monkey sometimes but isnt that one of the cutest animals in the zoo lol

      • Aichan was hella cute back in the day as a monkey… Dont tell me u didnt think it was adorable when she used to puff up her lips and pulls her ears like a monkey…

  5. If you look up Juice=Juice on Facebook Messenger gifs, you’ll get like nothing of the whole group, but two of the first few results feature a baby monkey. Coincidence? I think not.

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