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    • I never heard from a bus tour that made wotas want to die…
      That was shocking…
      I feel sorry for everyone who was there… even Kaori.

      At this time Hello! pro wasn´t very nice to fans. The girls weren´t promoted and it felt loveless.
      It´s very different now I think.

      • I’ve been a fan for a long time, but I had never heard the story of Kaori’s bus tour either. The part about the maze had me laughing. They really do think of us as just rats.

  1. also it was great to read Sayubee’s post..they were amazing live when i saw them this last month and glad i got to tell Sayubee she reminded me of Beyonce! (Which made Kanatomo laugh!)

  2. The legends of HP:

    1 Tsunku
    2 Ayaya
    3 Nacchi
    4 Gomaki
    5 Chayu

    So, basically, if you don’t get a cool nickname, no chance.

    (I’d love to put more names in, but true legends only come in limited numbers, so…)

  3. Yeah I don’t think Budokan is such a huge deal anymore, but it’s nice to see Sayubee take it seriously.

    I wish they’d let Meimi sing her way more. I feel like the HP way ends up doing more harm than good for some of these girls.

    Bus tour-wow just wow, I had no idea.

    • Well, the Budokan remains a 10,000 seat arena, you have to be able to fill it. So, yes, it will always be a big deal. Not many idol groups have that ability.

  4. Some more candidates for legend-dom (mostly for standing out by being “hot messes” but awesome in their own way):

    1. Oden-chan
    2. Aika
    3. Tomato Ketchup 100%
    4. Bakuwara

  5. No one’s gonna mention Ai-chan? One of the best performers in Hello!Project ever and she was the leader of Morning Musume during the groups roughest moments. And on top of that, she’s gorgeous and she’s a great actress. Pretty damn legendary to me.

    • OK, I might get a lot of down votes here, but sorry, Ai-chan wasn’t a true legend for me.

      The girl had lots of qualities (dancing, singing), and she sure was a sweetheart too. But I never felt the “it” vibe of a true star from her. Stars are supposed to be aloof and self-centered. Ai-chan never lost once her humanity, but that cost her her chance to shine.

      And by the way, the true leader at that time was Gaki. And I’m not making that up, even Ai-chan admitted so (my interpretation is that in Momusuland, Ai-chan was the Emperor and Gaki the Prime Minister).

  6. “The legend of Hello! Project.”
    Quick, who’s the first person you just thought of?

    #1 Kamei Eri

    She was the best idol ever, true she couldn’t follow the images they created for her but that was what made her special, she could only be Eri no matter what…

  7. Gomaki is the cut and dry answer for H!P legends. In many regards, there will never be an idol with as much as an impact as she had /because/ of the idol boom.

  8. Sometimes i think that h!p members are amazing. They are such talented, matured, hard workers individuals who achieved all of it in very young age. How come some teenage girl become able to performn in front of 10K audiences very well..

    For me hello project overall system is the legend (since their early formation). And moreover from thar,Tsunku-san is the mastermind behind all those legend.

  9. What scares me of…

    The day this translation posted, is the day Meimei announce her graduation -___-

    She will be remembered as one of the legend, especially H!P stageplay legend, after 2016 spring.

    • Meimei!?

      It’s for real. Haah, there goes my mood for the day.

      Considering for a bit longer, if she chases her dream of becoming a musical actress, maybe I will still get to hear her singing voice. Maybe more than before? That would be nice. But still!

      Meimeiiiii! ;_;

      • Until then, most girls graduated after their 20th birthday. But now, Riho and Meimei…? I’m afraid the smart girls have understood what HP will become without Tsunku, and they’re leaving before the ship sinks.

        Smart move, girls… Brutal and selfish, but smart. Good luck to you!

        • Now, I’ve never been that much into S/mileage so my interpretation could be off, but here’s how I see it.

          Meimei had strong love for the original S/mileage. Now that even the name is gone and only Ayacho is left in the group, it makes sense that her priority would shift to pursuing her other dream.

          Also… The name field is below the text field now! This feels weird!

  10. >”There’s one legendary idol who was hardly even mentioned in any of the threads above. I think she needs to have a post dedicated entirely to her next.”

    That’s what I call a good old teaser! lol
    So many (shitty)names that surprised me, and so many obvious names barely mentioned, wotas are weird…
    But at the end of the story, the Big One will be Momoko. Yurishite nyan everyone.
    How many commited suicide after being treated like big piles of shit during this glorious bus tour?XD

  11. When you think of legend the first name that pops up should be Kamei Eri… So much greatness during her idol days then she just disappeared off the face of the earth… No other idol sparks so much excitement at just the mere mention of her name in another members blog or a possible photo being uploaded… Thats the definition of a legend

    After her prolly Takahashi Ai, Abe Natsumi, Michishige Sayumi, Ishikawa Rika, Tsuji Nozomi, Matsuura Aya, and Tsugunaga Momoko are people who have a had a legendary impact on the idol world

  12. To me the true legends of Hello Project are :

    1) Michishige Sayumi (The Legendary Musume)
    2) Kamei Eri (The Queen of Hearts)
    3) Sayashi Riho (The Ultimate Ace)
    4) Maki Goto (The One who made Morning Musume)
    5) Nakazawa Yuko (The Legendary Leader)

  13. With no bias, I’d say Ayaya. I don’t think any idol has accomplished what she has. She really was the last of the greats. Saying, because of her tenure. I don’t think anybody in H!P now will be considered a legend. I don’t see the accomplishing anything extraordinary

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