8 comments on “Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book Interviews: Iida Kaori

  1. It’s gratifying to know that Iida’s purity–which was so clearly apparent in spite of all of her “weirdness” on Utaban–hasn’t changed in 20 years, and might actually have become more beautiful with age.

  2. “Once she came back, I again asked her if she’d checked the footage. Her answer? “Yes. My hair looked perfect!”

    Imagine telling that to your leader while being scolded lmao. Sayu is too funny.

    Kaorin is great. Arigato, Henkka!

  3. Kaori’s bond with Natsumi was strong, Dosanko stick together eh. Her spaced out personality gets my attention, eyes focused on something on camera. Sayumi, goddamnit woman haha but aww.

  4. Reading this interview makes me even happier, prouder and more glad that I chose her as my kami oshimen from Hello! Project. She became and still is a true angel and a great and well-respected leader and senpai. Thank you so much for your effort, Henkka!

  5. It probably turned out for the best that Kaori wasn’t center, cant imagine Nacchi not centering all those legendary classics.. Not sure if Kaori was strong enough to put the group on her back during that debut era

    ” Once she came back, I again asked her if she’d checked the footage. Her answer? “Yes. My hair looked perfect!”

    Lmao, no one in a million years would ever imagine the Narcissistic Shige of the past growing up to become arguably the greatest leader of them all… I guess it takes a former problem child to know how to teach other problem children.. 2nd best idol of all time in my rankings

  6. “I could overcome it because even at that time we already had goals. Our first goal had been to get our major debut, and our next goals were things like getting our first Oricon number one and getting to appear on the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen. We managed to achieve those goals, one-by-one, and at some point we had no more left. So then we had to set even more goals — like getting our first million-seller. We continued to jump over those hurdles we set for ourselves and we just kept pushing forward. We didn’t have time to stop.”

    I have so many thoughts on this article. The part about Sayu’s hair is so funny, yet other parts are so inspirational.

    Thank you Henkka for sharing with us.

  7. “I tried especially hard to pass on everything I knew to the next leader, Yaguchi, but… well, things happened. (laughs)”

    Ha ha! I love these little peeks behind the curtain, into the interrelationships of the group members.

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