23 comments on “Mano Erina: “You guys will die without ever once touching a woman.”

  1. Oh man, this is precious. To be fair though, there probably are a few non-japanese people wearing clothes with Japanese words on them with no clue what the words mean. Some people even get tattoos like that.

    • I remember that I once read a real-life story about a girl who tattooed something about saving the planet on her ankle, written in Chinese, which she didn’t understand.
      And later, someone from China pointed out what was actually written there…:
      “Big fat pig”

  2. For Buono!’s Our Song MV, Momo sports a shirt that says “…Sure. A bitch!!”
    I’m not sure what the first line says. And that was picked out by a stylist for an official release, not just her personal/casual wear.

  3. LMAO… I’ve seen tons of crazy shirts like those for years… I personally think that shit is funny though it aint really professional especially for the current H!P who are obviously targeting the international fanbase lately. Makes me wonder why nobody on the staff says anything to them, somebody on the staff has to know what some of those shirts say

    • A hand shake definitely counts as “touching.” Especially when you consider that no one ever specified what kind of touch.

  4. Maybe Mano was sending a different message? Maybe the message is that Mano is a “bad girl” so it’s okay to touch?

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