86 comments on “List of things that are like Morning Musume without Michishige Sayumi

  1. Like “W” without Aibon. But really it’s like S/Mileage without Yuuka or Sakitty. In other words, OK.

    • Damn, that’s like one of the most beautiful line ups in history without Sakura.
      Sakura in any group drops the bar extremely low.

      • Sakura makes momosu bar extremely low? Helloo, since the first single oda sakura join, they always #1 @ oricon.

        • I think it’s unfair (and offensive to some degree) to say that it’s just all because of Sakura. Can’t you see the efforts and performances of the other girls? Sakura is not even that popular, and we all know that Oricon gets votes based on popularity.

          They reached #1 because all of them are good and deserving. Not because of just one good singer. Momosu is not just about singing, u know.
          I like Sakura, but I need to justify this.

          • ^high sales = popular. Word of the mouth keeps the sales up. So it’s still about popularity. Not Sakura. *facepalm*

          • thanks for your respon. I ‘m not saying its all because sakura alone, I just dont understand Jakemahjonk said sakura make momosu bar extremely low, when in fact the rank they got always #1.

          • Well, Jakemahjonk was obviously just a troll hater.

            MM without Sayu is like Oda/Riho/Maachan without haters.

  2. Like day without night
    Like night with no star
    Like star with no light
    Like light without sight.

    • I’ve been wondering this for several months now. I think they’re in love with someone else and feel guilty for noticing how wonderful Sakura is.

      For me there’s just no beating this combination of

      solid confidence.

  3. LOL at these comments.

    I feel the opposite. I’m glad because she’s played her part and now she’s moving on. I understand a lot of people are upset as well because she was the last member of Platinum Era and even during Shabondama era but I’m still happy she’s leaving.

    She will be missed but not by me. I want to see how Morning Musume will evolve now with members from 2011 to now.

  4. 79, 90, 187, 199, 215, 413, 595, 660…

    how can people even imagine such hilariously cruel scenarios?

  5. Like Daaishi with no feeling.

    Like a Daaishi that’s rich.

    Like Ayumi without Daaishi.

    Like a tall Daaishi.

    Like a fashionable Daaishi.

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  7. Like Henkka without a beard and mustache….

    Like Henkka without translating 2ch threads….,

    • Your first one is more painfully true than you even realize. Some months ago I made the grave mistake of shaving off all my facial hair. It reminded me why I keep a beard in the first place. I will not be repeating the mistake. It’s like I literally do not have a chin without my beard.


      • Urgh…….why did ya do that Henkka? Don’t you know your beard is what we love about you? Not that we don’t love you without your beard…but your beard is what makes you more loveable lol

  8. 550: 名無し募集中。。。@転載禁止
    Like Nazi Germany without Hitler.

    Yeah, thanks to Kumai Yurina we know they would have never had such a good orator.

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