16 comments on “I’m an H!P wota who’s being forced to dance to AKB at my new company’s drinking party (+1)

  1. #75- When the “one two three four!” in Heavy Rotation comes up, drown it out by screaming “MASSARA BLUE JEANS!“


  2. Actually Henkka, it’s more like:

    △ Sayu
    ✕ Chaaayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

  3. 16: 名無し募集中。。。 2012/11/25(日) 21:34:13.61 0
    The right thing to do for an H!P wota would be to resign and become homeless.

    For somebody that righteous he wont be out of work and homeless for long lol

  4. 〇 Looks like Morning Musume have cute girls.
    △ Michishige-san is cute
    ✕ RihoRiho kawaii!!!

  5. 〇 I like the japanese song that featured in the latest Wolvarine Movie.
    △ I think that the song sung buy Mikitty.
    ✕ Sexy Otonajan is one of my favorite H!P shuffle unit because there were both Megu and Miya in the group,

  6. 〇 oh really that Sayumi girl is about to graduate?
    △ after so long being a member she’s graduating, that’s sad :’)

  7. 〇 I found this crazy Japanese girl group on YouTube. It’s for babies or something.
    △ I found out where the Dramatic Prairie Dog meme came from!
    ✕ Minimoni is actually parodied in one of Weezer’s music videos.

  8. 〇 Morning Musume is still active??? Ehh, and that girl that calls herself cute all the time became the leader and shes graduating soon… How old is she now, like 30 lol

    △ Wow Michisige Sayumi is finally graduating… How longs it been, like over 10 years right.. We’ll they’ve been pretty popular lately, 4 or 5 #1 singles in a row or so ive heard so congrats to her i guess

    ✕ Sayu no!!!! Dont leave us when Kohaku is so close within our grasp… I swear if UFA doesnt give her the biggest graduation concert ever i’ll shed a tear…. Wonder if i can skip some bills this month to order more pink pen lights

    ☢ If Kamei doesnt show up for Shige sama’s graduation then i fear i may have to retire my dream of ever seeing the goddess again on stage… Dear lord, please let me hear the Ooki Hitomi music play and our Rokkies appear on stage one last time, i promise i will never ask you for anything else for as long as live

  9. 〇 C-ute has 5 members
    △ C-ute originally was a 7 member group
    ✕ Murakami Megumi was the first member of C-ute to graduate

  10. I remember in KuroBara variety show where the Renai Hunter line up was there (along with Fairies), Nakazawa was also there and she said, it does not matter what songs to sing in karaoke. I kinda was surprised to the loyalty of the 9ki & 10ki members to only support HaroPro songs.

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