21 comments on “Nakajima Saki (21) buys birthday presents for her juniors, is too terrified to actually hand them out — ends up giving said presents to little sister instead

  1. i have trouble believing this shy aspect of nacky
    not only because she doesnt seem at all anxious during the various appearances throughout the years
    but a girl with nakajimas smoking body to be so insecure? doubt it. girls with nakajimas bodyline are natural born “predators”
    i think this is just a smoke screen. might be something like “hm i was supposed to buy present but i couldnt bother doing it….i ll blame it on my shy side and make up a story”

    i cant picture nakajima shyly dating guys after some years. i just cant.

    • You can believe what you want, but over the years she’s talked time and time again about how she really just isn’t good with handling her kouhai, even the ones who publicly adore her (Oda, etc). Obviously she isn’t shy on stage and she can perform just fine. But towards people? She’s very shy.

      • dude i can talk time and time again about being tony curtis.
        it doesnt make me tony curtis.
        do you understand the concept of a facade?
        handshake events would be a nightmare for a shy person.

          • you dont really have to be an expert

            its common spider sence

            for a shy persons, handshake events would be HELL on earth

            i understand if nacky said “i m slightly anxious around other people” but shy?
            no trully shy people dont do handshake events.

            • Almost all the recent posts here have comments from you, insisting that whichever girl it’s about isn’t what she seems, and that she’s a dark, mean, sex-crazed or empty person putting on a nice act.

              You have distorted thinking, and are the definition of misogynist. You need help.

              • what the hell are you saying?
                i love nacky, i must have watched that bowling excursion with ikuta and the others about 20 times

                but you can “love” a person and not be willing to accept obvious lies.

                the same with the other girls and my comments.

                except kamei and konkon. those are angels and they only speak the truth.

        • baskervill: I just want to tell you that you leave some of the most inane, pointless, arrogant and idiotic comments of this site. I would have a hard time believing anyone could possibly receive any joy from reading them. Not that it’s your job to please other people with your comments, I’m just saying: what you post here is just painful to read.

    • “not only because she doesnt seem at all anxious during the various appearances throughout the years.”

      Walk into a local amateur theater club. Especially if there’s a lot of young people. There’s bound to be one or two there who can barely talk to their own siblings, but flourish on stage.
      This is so pervasive that there’s a dutch children’s singing group (kinderen voor kinderen) that actually has a song about it.

      • lets pretend for a split second she transforms on stage like real actors (although she is not a real actor and she doesnt really transform on stage)

        but lets pretend she does and her shyness vanishes like a prom date after 6 tequillas.

        how in the hell can a shy person deal with all the people in the handshakes?
        she cant bring herself to give present to girls she knows….yet i am to believe that she just handshakes unknown men like its a breeze?
        come on dude….something doesnt add up here, you dont have to be a math teacher
        her bodylanguage on stage/off stage was never a shy persons bodylanguage (she doesnt drop her shoulders, she looks people in the eye etc etc)

  2. 37: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/01/24(日) 08:43:59.02 0.net
    Isn’t it Shimizu’s job to take care of things like this?

    LOL, thats what i thought of too… Just let Captain/Advisor Saki break the ice or stage a meeting to exchange the gifts

  3. Doing photo shoots and performing on stage is work, she’s been doing those things for 10 plus years and i’m sure she overcame shyness about that years ago. Interacting with Kohai on a personal level though is very different. I would hope some of her group mates would help her with things like this by coming a long and breaking the ice.

    • Most of the younger H!P members look up to C-ute, and Nakky hasn’t been very comfortable when dealing with that. She probably doesn’t want to risk disappointing them, and/or herself.

      That being said, she’s a lot more willing to interact with kouhai nowadays than she used to be when C-ute weren’t at the top of H!P. She’s making progress…baby steps to giant strides?

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