10 comments on “So I’ve started keeping a Nakajima as a pet. Any advice as to things I should look out for?

  1. 74 – Ours is shouting “yurushite nyan nyan nyaaan!” all the time… I wonder if it’s okay? Plus, it’s face is really pale, almost like an albino… could this be a new species?

    haha, i think i would rather have a Momoko in this case as well… seems like a much more interesting pet and dont have to worry about constantly picking up fast food wrappers and containers lol… Just have to make sure u cover the cage at night so she goes to sleep, wouldnt want to hear my Momoka talking all night

  2. Hah, when I read in my RSS “So I’ve started keeping a Nakajima as a pet. Any advice as to things I should look out for?” and thought it was from your other blog, I thought “Oh, God, this guy has been in Japan for less than a month and he’s already gone insane.”

    Thank you for translating this hilarious thread, though. :D

  3. It’s embarrassing. The Kudo I picked out was the wrong gender and I’m too ashamed to return it to the store. I’ll probably keep her like I did with my Yossie.

  4. my kame still alive after 10 years
    this is the longest pet I can keep alive since 2003
    she definitely will outlive me
    even though she’s super slow she’s super cute
    I really love her when she’s embarrassed and hide inside her shell

  5. Man, I hate my country, I’ve been looking all over but I can’t find a Kudo D:
    I even made a whole one piece themed room for it >.<

  6. Is it okay for a riho to drink cider? D:
    because my riho had been drinking alot of ciders and then it’s walking suddenly becomes very sloppy D:

  7. OK, BEST POST EVEEEEEEEEEEER (almost) xD Hilarious, hilarious *shivering from laughing too much*

    I want a thread like this for all the Berrikyuu members so bad… I want the whole Berry family and also an Okai as a souvenir. But I’ve got some tips for taking care of a Momoko and a Kumai, that’s good lol.

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