8 comments on “Do you ever talk to the people sitting next to you at concerts?

  1. Wait, wait, wait. Is #10 implying that he got laid because of an H!P concert? I’ll bet that’s the only time THAT’S happened!

    • The poster left it ambiguous. But let’s go with your assumption. It’s good to have dreams in life.

  2. i wouldnt talk if i went there. in fact i d proabably be in the family seat. i m an old old tired man, no energy and stuff.

    i just wanna relax watching the show, maybe while drinking a cup of coffee. while siting preferable.

    but if they initiated the convo, sure i d join in.
    but i d feel better if it was og members. talking about the newer gens makes me feel older lolers

  3. I don’t really talk during concerts but I would chat in line for goods or in line for the concert, though I’ve been known to be “that one girl blasting H!P music” on a speaker lol.

    I like helping my line buddies get pumped up~ often conversations would spring out of the music I play since I have a mix of old school and modern era H!P.

  4. in an actual concert, never… But while waiting in line for the concert, always… those talks are some of the best cause its always fun for me to see how long people have been fans, how they became fans of the group and who theyre favorite members are

  5. I don’t have problems talking to people I don’t know… I often do so BUT I’m socially awkward… so when there’s nothing more to say I tend to become really weird… XD so – yes I’d talk to random people at concerts… and I already did… it’s ok because there’s a lot to talk about since we share at least one hobby…

    I’ve never got laid after a concert, though… ^^

  6. I ran into fans at Kinokuniya for MM in NYC. I tried to chat to them, they were so unfriendly though. There were a few of them and all of them were pretty unapproachable.

    I had better luck at Berryz in NJ! I chit chatted to a few people, and made a life long friend there. My baby brother was the more popular one. Forever, the infamous mini Chinami wota.

  7. I usually don’t talk to people sitting next to me at concerts, I’m really shy and I don’t feel the need to. I’m acquaintances with a few regular Wota that hang around outside before/after the concerts, but even then I prefer to be off by myself.

    That being said, the first time I went to a concert, when I had no idea what I was doing, I ended up talking a lot to a few other girls, who gave me a really good first concert memory because they helped me out with everything.

    In general though, concerts are a bit of a way for me to relax and just enjoy myself, so why put myself through anxiety attacks? Anyway, if I’m talking to someone else I can’t make notes about what to write in my reports later 8D

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