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  1. Been very interested in this girl and Manakan recently… I hope this thread means Henkka is also staring to lean towards her

    Maybe it’s just me, but Uta-loss isn’t THAT big of a deal in the end. Country Girls is stacked with talented girls like Chisaki, Manakan, Funaki and the rest… I think they’ll do just fine as long as they get proper attention from the office.

    • Yeah, it is not a deal that big in the end. But indeed it’s a total loss.
      But now Uta’s role in the group now totally shifted to Chisaki, even after the company tried to push Nanami to fill Uta’s line in Itooshikute gomen ne.
      Honestly, Chisaki’s skill is still below 2ki girls, but her exploitable red ears, shyness, cuteness, and goofiness make her totally lovable and now many people boy the unstoppable hype train tickets that automatically push her even more, leaving behind other members in the dust.
      Also don’t forget, Momo is the mastermind of the group, even once she said that she won’t help Chisaki in any school assignments because if Chiisaki goes too smart, she will lose her charm XD

    • Country Girls the only H!P group currently where I find all the members interesting. Yes, even Momochi!

  2. The girls like Chisaki might not get spotlight she deserves if Utachan was still around, not to mention that we might not get Nanami and Musubu in the group. Country’s girls has become much more balanced group since she has left. It was probably one good graduation that brought happiness to everyone.

    • Nanami and Musubu would shine where ever they went, and Chisaki would still be cute whether Uta was around or not. Her leaving devastated the group and they are only recovering in the last few months. If she were around the whole time they would be in a much stronger position.

      • The difference are without Utachan graduation, they(Nanami + Musubu) might not been put into the group. Chisaki will always be cute, but she might not get the spotlight she deserved.

        So they might not be in the stronger position AT ALL. In addition, I dont see they devastated once, except for those good bye blog posts, which of course, mandatory. Every girls shined brightly even in the events that only four of them need to perform because of Momoko absence.

    • ” It was probably one good graduation that brought happiness to everyone.”

      That may be the worst assessment I have ever read on any HP related issue.

        • ” It was probably one good graduation that brought happiness to everyone.”

          Except the fans, and probably Uta herself (who seemed to be finally settling in despite the fact that her mom signed her up for the audition without her knowing)….yeah. Happiness. Everyone. OK

          “You have not been in the fandom long enough then”


          Anyone who can seriously try to spin a graduation as a net positive has no place bringing up fandom “tenure”.

          • You don’t think there has been a single graduation, ever, that didn’t have a net positive?

            How about Reina who (don’t get me wrong, I loved her) clearly wanted to be a rock star and move from the strictly idol position. Riho, Maa-chan, Sakura and Fukumura all noted how, without Reina, they realized little things she was emphasizing with her singing to help carry songs which helped them all grow.

            So we have all girls wanting to be where they wanted to be, several juniors learning the tricks and skills of their seniors to power up, and two groups that went forward from there.

  3. I’m a Yamaki Risa fan… but everytime Chii-chan is on screen I watch her… it is hard to not like her! sometimes she reminds me of Kame-chan and it makes me really happy to have such great characters like her in the “new” H!P…

    when all my beloved Momusu members graduated I felt like empty inside… but with Masaki, Risa, Chisaki, Maria and Miki… and of course Rikako and Karin… and more experienced members like Airi, Momochi, Erina or Mizuki – I have so many members I like that I don’t want to turn my back on H!P… it’ll never happen!

    btw… my english sucks…-_- I never find the right words to express my feelings…

  4. Chisaki is one of those rare idols who is just naturally adorable and simple-minded. She is an idol without even trying to be an idol but by just enjoying herself. The funny thing is that she’s surrounded by quite a lot of intelligent girls (Momochi, Inaban, Risa and now even Nanamin) so her childish simplicity plays off of them very well. Also, she is just incredibly pretty. I saw her live and watching her is incredibly addictive; she’s so tiny and adowable! I imagine Eri fans would love her since she has a lot of similar qualities.

  5. Her cuteness is a different variety than others… Its like that girl next door, goofball cute which makes people smile and be coerced into her tempo… As opposed to the absolute cuteness of somebody like Manakan, whos cuteness is adorably doll like.. Like you want to give her candy just so you can see her smile lol… Both 2 different cuteness, but a good contrast to have in the same group

  6. Just a young girl having a lot of fun living out her idol dream. To call her an ‘idiot’ or ‘stupid’ misses the point. The point being she isnt a jaded bastard like most people who are having a good day if they don’t piss on the toilet seat in the morning. Let her smile and enjoy life, bet plenty wish they could join her.

    • You missed the point too. The people calling her stupid in the thread obviously meant it in a loving way. Like, she’s an adorable airhead, that kinda thing.

  7. uta-loss is good in a way too. chisaki would not have shined as much with her around. or in another way, even with uta around, they could have soon shifted to Chisaki or the others after time. I would only be worried about Manakan or Risa, they only seemed an additional to the numbers the first time, with all these very younger members!
    Uta is cute, but she’s more than often awkward in the background during offshots. I dunno what might happen and not happen if she stayed around, like, CG is so lively now and everyone knows how to properly retort. not just talk, but “retort” XD

    • I agree, even though Uta was clearly a great find and it’s hard to tell how high her ceiling might have been as an idol, I would have hated for the group to become ‘Uta-chan and her friends’, when the ‘back’ girls were clearly talented in their own right.

      • You hit the nail on the head. Utachan was such a wonder to the idol world that she overshadowed everyone else in the group. But the group consists of great girls in their own right, Risa being a prodigy, Manakan being a natural burriko. I had been watching Chiichan for a while and knew she could captivate fans easily.

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