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  1. Thanks so much for this Henkka

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    It’s said that guys will move on from their old oshi when they find someone who has a similar face… so who are the ex-Kame wota fans of now?

    I would say Maachan probably is the closest to Kamei
    of course Eririn is number one

    • I agree with this. Eri will forever be my #1, but Maa-chan is starting to stand out the most in the current lineup.

  2. Few people know about it since I’m known as a die-hard Ikuta fan, but I used to be a Kamei wota. I got into Momusu somewhere in 2010 and Kamei was gone before I could support her properly. I’ve had a hard time, refusing to like any of the new members. But eventually, I got into Ikuta somehow. Her talking and personality are definitely similar to Kamei’s, as well their names, Eri(na). Of course, Ikuta is not Kamei so it’s not the same. But supporting Ikuta like this now, it’s the way I wanted to support Kamei if she was still here. I really do miss Kamei though, and GakiKame was such a great pairing. A current pairing which reminds me from GakiKame recently are Suberies, Ishida and Eripon. But of course, they’re no replacements. I’m just happy I can support Ikuta.

    • I think a vast majority of Kamei fans went on to like Eripon just like you and I did… I think we saw a little of Kamei in her when she first started showing her true personality but she became her own person who u really cant compare to anybody which is good too… Ikuta is by far my favorite active member of H!P and just like u said i think i see a little GakiKame in the Suberis which is why i like them alot

  3. kind of weak. but i began liking eri around her graduation. she was like all over the news of H!P community, and i was like “she’s the one from that old ladies’ group that i like (based on looks. i was kids’ fan back then) i always see her name then so i started searching for her and began liking her and her interactions with other members thus beginning to like momusu. she was so funny and cute. and lovable. she was graduated then when she became my no. 1 idol ever.

    i still follow H!P but just a light fan of everyone. i liked sayu too since she’s a bestfriend, but no one could replace kame in my heart..

  4. I am so happy with Morning Musume under Sayu’s rule that I don’t see the point to look as it was before, even if the idoles that made me love MM and H!P are now gone (fan since 2007). Concerning Kame, I miss her voice in the songs, more than Takahashi or Tanaka. I really loved her singing.
    I don’t agree with poster #31: It might have reduced the burden, but I’m not sure Eri’s presence would have benefited Sayu’s tenure. Sayu has never been better as she is now that she’s alone. I am not saying Eri was a bad influence, but her departure must have really changed something in Sayu, for the better.

  5. I make it no secret that I’m a die hard Kamei Eri fan, i worship the ground she walks on and am a proud member of the Church of Kameism… Scroll back in the archives of this site and you’ll see i went on rant praising the amazingness of Kamei Sama a few times lol… Her and Gaki were probably the best OTP(one true pairing) of all time and this thread has a lot of examples but still cant grasp how close they truly were… Go watch the Ura Utadoki episode with GakiKame or some of the Hello Morning news segments to see some more great examples

    36: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/06/13(金) 22:15:40.90 0.net
    It’s said that guys will move on from their old oshi when they find someone who has a similar face… so who are the ex-Kame wota fans of now?

    38: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/06/13(金) 22:18:05.06 0.net
    Becoming a fan of anyone else to that level of dedication ever again is impossible for me. Now I’m just a light fan of everyone, I guess.

    Thats the truth, once your become a Kamei fan, no other idol can compare so even if you like other idols they all pale in comparison to the Great Kamei Eri… I’m a DD so i like pretty much all idols but i only have one love/Kami oshi and that is Eri… i was depressed for awhile when she left cause like everyone else i was looking forward to the GakiKame leader duo followed by KameShige , so i felt i was robbed of my dreams… Probably the only graduated idol that i go back and watch old clips and concerts of on a regular basis… Dammit, i went on a rant again lol, stop posting things about Kamei Henkka, you’re gonna make me cry

    • correction Kamei oshi
      henkka even though sometimes hearing about eririn makes me sad id rather hear about her than not so keep posting

    • *pats Nova on the shoulder*

      Just let it all out…you know you love that pain inside lol

      No one will ever be able to replace her, and there’s no need to – idols will each be unique to us in their own ways. Let’s make sure we always make the most of our chances to enjoy them while they last.

  6. I used to listen to GakiKame radio each week even though I rarely knew what they were saying. However, the painfully professional Gaki would get so pissed at Eri that I could see in my mind’s eye a hashtag of frustration bulging from Gaki’s forehead each time Eri would make some whatever comment to whatever Gaki was trying to do.

  7. Kyame… Our funny turtle lived too fast in group,, even after graduated she didn’t show anything to us.. Really missing her, my biggest hope is she will MC-ing Sayu graduation concert..

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    There’s lots of people like that who just don’t say it. Same thing with Yuukarin.

    I don’t know, even based on the small slice of 2ch we see here it seems like Eririn/Yuukarin people will say it again and again and again and again and again.

    • Even if we DID see them again, people would always be asking for more. That’s probably why they’ve never come back to make an appearance, LOL

      We are always reminded of emotional pain that lingers…such is the way of the devoted wota T_T

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  10. >Why is there a need for me to forget about her?
    >No way I’d ever forget about a woman whom I loved with everything I had!

    This is totally how I feel whenever a favorite member graduates/retires

    …after all the mourning and depression, that is ^_^

  11. i’m glad until now i can read something about kamei..seriously when kamei quit from morning musume..my heart were broken..i really hope to see her again..or maybe contact her in email or blog ..but it just a dream.. a dream that i can’t get in my real life..its sad :'( but i always hope to see kamei always happy..until now i still love her so much..i’m a girl but don’t worry i’m totally a true girl..there are two person (girl) thati really respect, kamei eri and aragaki yui..i love how natural they are..i hope both of them will get a great husband to make them happy and take care of them :) i’m so happy to know there are a lot of people that still love her..kamei please enjoy your self in anything you do..i will go to japan on august next year..i still hope i can meet kamei there.. :)

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