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    • It will stay with me for the rest of my life.

      Anyway, I sincerely hope that Reina could swallow it all this year (Go, Reina, Go!).

  1. That feeling when you get to the end of the thread but you’re still wanting more…>_<;;

    30: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/11/25(水) 19:05:46.98 0.net
    “We are sad to inform you that we simply were not able to find any work for Tokunaga, and thus we will be sending her to study abroad.”

    I laughed so hard, and then I realized that this is probably true…and continued laughing. Poor Chii ^^

  2. Hey, I’ve just read Reina’s blog, the 2 days later entry.

    So, she says that she could swallow this time, but she didn’t enjoy it.

    Hopefully, with time and practice, she will learn to love it.

  3. What I have learned from The Girls Live: Some Japanese shows do not need to be subtitled because most of the dialog of The Girls Live is some variation of “Doushiyou” and “Sugoi!”.

    As for 11th gen, I think that Oda-chan is the mature responsible one while Sakura-chan is the mood-maker genki one.

    As for Reina’s blog, it makes me think of my favorite Reina quote: “Boy’s gym shorts make me stand out. Yay!

    The picture that they could not show on the blog was Karin and her five identical sextuple sisters trying to figure out which one would be most suitable for the next day’s activities while doing lame Showa era sight gags.

  4. That animated gif of Karin seriously had me hypnotized. I stared at it for like 20 minutes.

    I think I would have been even more hypnotized watching Reina try to swallow.

  5. Well then, about Reina thing. I feel bad for her :lol: Beside her “Yankee-ness”, deep inside she’s still a child. I hope the she will find some good man to build a happy family (probably she will be real adult)

  6. Well, actually, berryz graduated without any future ahead of them. They have nowhere else to go to, but H!P. I kind of feel sad for them. I’m glad for Yurina, Risako who went ~poof~ and maasa who still does plays. of course momo for pursuing what she wants. but everyone else…

    • Berryz graduated from H!P because it’s the only way for some of them to get rid “idol rule” plus “senpai-kouhai rule” in their career and start doing whatever they want to H!P.

      Saki finally get what she want to lead H!P after Sayu took over the position she should get in the past: H!P Leader. She even went even higher: Advisor
      Momo get her chance to lead a group after years as second oldest didn’t even made her a sub-captain status.
      Chii, oh well, actually The Advisor’s assistance, but not much to do.
      Maasa now leading the Gekijo, utilising her strongest forte as the best actress in the group. Also, the strongest :p
      Miya looks like a freeloader, but it seems that she have the highest influence to UF to the point she almost everywhere.
      Kumai finally get what she dreamed of: become a model. Plus she maybe the hub for UF to many modelling agencies out there
      Rii also finally get what she want: A total rest from these nuisances.

      LOL, kidding XD

  7. > The Girls Live
    While only watching TGL every once in a while, I usually found it interesting to some degree. It’s not a common sentiment I guess? Haha.

    Also glue guns, yes.

    > The Great Karin-chan Unification Plan
    So Karin-chan was actually the scariest J=J member after all.

    > 57: 無し募集中。。。 2015/10/13(火) 03:33:12.42 0.net
    > I bet she would’ve just wanted to go on dancing with Berryz, not having to think about anything in particular. I don’t think she has any plans for her future. She probably figured Berryz was going to go on forever.
    Thinking Berryz would go on forever… So she was like me?

    I need to check what she said in the Love together! PV. … “[For me, Berryz Koubou is] a dream in progress.”

    So that’s what it was.

  8. a world of pure karins?? no thank you!! karin is cute but i’m happy with myself, i don’t want to be the clone of someone else :P

    11 generation members are my least favorite momusu members.

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