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  1. Wow. She definitely seems to elicit a reaction from fans. For me, when it comes to that group, it’s Tamura, Takeuchi and Rikako. I try to always keep my idol thoughts positive; there’s enough negativity in life.
    I could have done a handshake with Maro in March my last day in Shibuya, but I decided to go to the onsen instead. Had I seen Maro, I may have left Japan feeling very cold. ;)

    That’s too terrifying, haha.

    > Medley
    That’s… actually a great idea. And I’d be up for watching a Maro!Con and Sayu!Con at that.

    > Drawn ANGERME overview
    Cute! Not bad, Maro, not bad at all. Though, メンヘラ? Well, I’m not saying it doesn’t fit

  3. Black Room sounds like it would be more interesting than any of the shows HP is doing now. As for the rest, well no HP idol has puzzled me as much as Maro. Right up until the very end I still don’t quite know what to make of her.

  4. “Black Room” or “Roasted with a side of MarshMaro” ?

    Either way, the skewering will be painfully delicious…

  5. well… she’s a human being… I always loved her voice and her unique aura on stage… I never cared for her personality and to be honest – I think she’s a nice girl who liked to play with her fans… that’s all there is to her… nobody knows an idol’s real character if she doesn’t want to open herself in front of the whole fanbase…

  6. I check this site every day hoping there will be a Maro post, and today was the jackpot. I’ll miss her. Thanks Henkka!

    BTW, Black Room is my new favorite show even though no episodes have been made yet.

  7. I’ve only actually got to know Maro by reading the Wotaintranslation.

    Halfway through this thread, I was so pissed at how… annoying she can be all this time lol. It feels like she wanted to line-up with the kinds of Sayu and Momochii, but kind of fail because such role actually requires “brains”. The character somewhat grew awkward and messed-up. So she just got stuck with it on the end, because there’s no other way she can elaborate on it, or scale it up.

    I don’t like her lyrics either.

    I’m sorry Maro.

    — i feel sorry for being so cruel to her that I have to say “I’m sorry Maro” then it hits me as that this must be one of her elaborated plans too. to incite hate. ugh. i don’t know. Bye Maro, to think seriously of you makes me head ache.

  8. >Wow. She definitely seems to elicit a reaction from fans.
    Maybe that’s her true talent.

    Thanks for all these translations! :)

  9. I find it funny that the lyrics for Maro’s first song sounds like she’s scolding some wota for looping in a handshake line. Very Marotesque.

    • I don’t think so. Bakuwara does have a little bit of Maro’s “skill” at handling wota and making odd comments, but Rinapuu does not have the attitude as Kanyon, specifically Rina doesn’t think that she’s this earth shaking socially significant idol like Kanon does.

      Nor would Takeuchi Akari be a good replacement either. Even though Oden seems to be an easy target (strange fashion choices, non-traditional idol body, outrageous comments, overstated vibrato (goat-chan), comparisons to her much more highly regarded cousin), Takechan is kind of bullet proof since she is very unpretentious and blue collar.

  10. I was laughing my ass off, especially 53: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/06/17(水) 14:10:03.91 0.net
    Once she graduates, she’s probably going to evolve from a seal to a walrus in no time. Three months later, she’ll be a sea lion. Hilarous

    then.. 13: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/11/29(日) 21:10:23.53 0.net
    Yuukarin was there.

    I’m sad now..

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  12. Reading the other posts about Maro in wotaintranslation, I started to hate her and even was anxious about her graduation just because of it. Well, I don’t know exactly why, but I never liked her, to be honest. But reading the end of this post… I’m feeling kinda guilty now. I’m gonna miss that seal face (I started to find it kinda cute). And I liked the Medley idea.

  13. She was truly scum but lovable scum.
    It wasn’t an act. At least not the majority of it.
    Those thin fox eyes speak volumes on her personality.
    Watch ayacho and her interacting in a hello time episode
    . she is like a 40year old seasoned vet. Like a bitter woman

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