14 comments on “Wada Ayaka disses oshi jumpers: “I’m not going to look at you even if you do jump.”

  1. No wonder Ayacho dissed her fans.
    The example of her “fans” is that Goro

    is not that I hate him, he is a very lively MC.

    It’s just, somehow, I have an urge to punch someone in the face every time I see a photo him beside idols, especially H!P members.

  2. Those people that jump don’t give a f#$k about anyone who is standing behind them. It would be pretty weird if the idols would encourage that.

  3. The only solution to jumpers in front of you is to jump higher than them. Get workin on them calves, folks.

    • Or have some really good jumpers in front of you, who jump so high that you can actually see under them.

  4. A guy spends his hard earned moni and isnt even allowef to let lose?
    I understand her but if i was a jumper i d say “ok time to switch to another group”
    Wada is too old looking to pass for an idol now anyway

    • The 3 people behind the jumper who suddenly can’t see shit anymore also spent their hard earned ‘moni’. If you are comfortable completely ruining the experience of other people in the venue just so you can have a bit more fun then I don’t see anyone, let alone an idol, would respect you.

      • Truth be told i hadnt thought of that.
        In my mind though, i always poctured the wota in a pretty run down physical shape so hoe long can they keep jumping for? 2 mins? 4?
        I d tolerate it

    • “Wada is too old looking to pass for an idol now anyway”

      That’s one way to get hated. If there’s one thing you don’t do as a Hello! Project fan is insult Ayacho.

      There’s an order in H!P which goes something like this in terms of later 2000s leaders:

      Michishige Sayumi —> Shimizu Saki —> Yajima Maimi -> Wada Ayaka —————-> Fukumura Mizuki.

      Ayacho has been on Up Front’s map since Hello! Project Kids auditions and was a finalist so you show some RESPECT to one of the greatest idols in the company’s history!!

  5. For Naruchika/smaller venues like release events, the stages are smaller and they can already see the fans’ faces/tshirts if they want to, right? But on a big stage with strong stage lighting, I think it’s too dark in the audience to see your face anyway… So you’re just another glowstick.

  6. they have never been to a metal concert ^^ or even J-Rock… during my last Scandal concert Tomomi encouraged us to jump…

    I’m 1,88 so I always look who’s standing behind me… if it’s a small person I try to shimmeshake to the side so that he/she can see… or I switch places… being nice doesn’t hurt…

  7. 5. カラフル名無しさん 2015年11月28日 23:17 ID:iMs9ZnUk0
    I theorize that that’s why their new song is a fast metal number — to make fans unable to jump to it.

    This one make sense :lol

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