13 comments on “Dammit H!P, start putting more money into your music videos already!!!

  1. With Kobushi’s recent music videos, it really shows that it doesn’t take a lot of budget to make something entertaining. Chototsu Moushin is probably the least entertaining of the three off of their most recent single, but at least the scenes with the blocks and some other interesting shots make it stand out from the standard, bland one-angle dance shot/close up treatment.

    Even Country Girls’ recent MVs are improved by better set/props and not just an empty building with some fabric pinned up in the background.

    …Also, I think Angerme’s Mahotsukai Sally MV is charmingly cheap since it’s done on purpose.

    • That just some good examples about being creative with low-budget. Other than those you mentioned, they’re look very… ewww. People complaining here, because majority, most, are shit. If we can be honest and don’t try to pull some denials, there will be more complains than praises.

    • I really like what they are doing for Kobushi. Country Girls’s Ran Ra Run MV is fun too. The boxing in that Juice=Juice one also gave that one a bit of punch.

  2. I like the cheapness in a way
    In a way it transkates to simpler, purer times for me, when they all wore those super cheap blue outfits on aoiro 11 on utaben etc
    Besides, the girls are always carefully presenting and most eyes are on them so i dont think most care about the backround.
    Noticing the backround i think means 1-2 things.
    Either a female wota or a gay male wota

  3. I just assume that they did this on purpose. It’s not that they have limited budget or less ideas. Probably thet want viewers to watch closely about the members & their performances (singing & dancing)

    • No, it’s cheap, they’re cutting cost and it’s not about them wanting us to focus on members. That sounds just some, total fabricated excuse to ease our hearts.

      Everything the 2ch said tho is so True. They can still have close-ups while those members are acting, instead of plain lipsyncing.

  4. I really like Country Girls’ and Kobushi’s MVs… only the Momusu videos are kinda boring and that’s sad… I wish they’d do something like kare to omise ga shitai again because this was really cute and less serious… they even stopped doing the dance shots even though they are really fond of their dance routines…

  5. This has been an issue since I started following HP. I really think it’s the lack of creativity that hurts more than low budgets though.

  6. You don’t need a big budget to make good music videos. Just a good director and imagination. That’s the REAL problem with UpFront and H!P PV’s..no new ideas..just close up dance shot and a studio…boring. Although the new Country Girls PV’s are a step in the right direction…still look at some Indie Idol groups that have amazing videos on no budget at all! IMAGINATION CREATIVITY this is what is lacking!!!

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