9 comments on “Sharan Q and their songs like Single Bed, Zurui Onna, Sora wo Mina yo & Iiwake…

  1. I kept laughing at the over-the-top performance of Iiwake (the one that #73 posted). Tsunku-boy springs out from under the stage, Taisei starts swinging around in the air in the middle of Hatake’s solo, and there’s even some pyrotechnics thrown in. Amazing.

  2. For some reason, I could never get into Sharan Q though I’ll admit I like shin ramen daisuki koike san no uta…

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  4. Otoko Tomodachi is actually a song I’ve always really, really liked despite being underrated and underperformed. Now I like it even more.

  5. I would like to know how popular Sharan Q was in general, compare to the band with the same performer’s ages like X Japan or L’arc en Ciel (40-50 years old)

  6. I bought a SharamQ best of album at a second hand shop in Japan recently out of sheer curiosity and every song on it Is. So. Good. It surprised me.

    So while I thought I was an h!p wota it feels like I been a Tsunku-wota all along… I just weren’t aware of it.

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