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  1. I suspect 68 was talking about Menudo. They were boys, but they were Puerto Rican, they did use that system, and the original Japanese may have not specified girls.

  2. “Was there anyone better at singing than Abe in those days, though?”

    Yes, there was. Everyone who wasn’t Abe was a better singer than Abe, and Fukuda was actually the best of the bunch by far, which is why she shared most of the lines with Nacchi during her time in MM. I’d say that Nacchi was the worst singer in the group until Ishikawa joined.

    • Probably a bit harsh on Nacchi. They were all pretty damn good singers. I agree that Asuka is top by far. I’d put Nacchi and Ayappe next, then Nakazawa (mainly because she had an odd tone to her voice, although I do like it), and Johnson bottom, since she sounded very nasal back then.

      • I wouldn’t classify any of them as “damn good singers,” with the possible exception of Fukuda, who was really good by any standard. Yuko, Aya and Johnson were good by idol standards — and Yuko became *quite* good by the time she graduated. I’d rank the original five Fukuda, Nakazawa, Ishiguro, Johnson, then Abe. I loved Nacchi, but singing was never her strength.

        • Yep. I love Nacchi but I don’t feel like she became a good singer until faced with the threat of Gomaki taking her comfy spot at the front. The original recording of Furusato sucks balls compared to the one recorded for her first solo album.

  3. 16: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/09/24(水) 15:50:58.85 0.net
    They survived thanks to Utaban.

    pretty much… Utaban put them on a national spotlight as they were on more than any other guests by far and had the highest ratings when they were on. When the 4th gen joined, they had become almost weekly guest in some way, shape or form

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  5. I remember when I was first learning about the group, I was blown away by the fact that Asuka was 12 at the time of her debut. Damn.
    It was so hard to believe because of her mature-sounding voice and her talent.

  6. I love how 261 said Tsuji and Kago were so young while they were just a year younger than Gomaki when they auditioned.
    Then again, Gomaki was very mature for her age.

    • GoMaki had dyed hair. I still remember that footage with that very astonished look of Kaasan when GoMaki introduced herself as being 13 years old haha She really looked matured with her current age then. Looking at current pictures of her, she doesn’t look like she aged at all haha

  7. I saw the PV to Furusato and thought “right, that’s it, they’re going to break up.“ ___LOLOL___

  8. Oda is nothing compared with fukuda. in vocal terms, current morning musume is nothing compared with first generation morning musume.

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