27 comments on “English Thread

  1. This was seriously the funniest fucking thing ever… All the cursing. But it fit so well XD

  2. XD omg
    This was great, thanks for the translation
    What’s with all the Kumai-chan comments tho lol (not that I mind)

      • …that’s true, I actually realized in retrospect ^^;
        Easy for him and enjoyable for us, truly a win-win

      • damn, what’s wrong with my keyboard today?, it didn’t write the asterisk (*) :P

        Anyway, >55 speaks the truth!

        • I mean >77 speaks the truth xDD Oh my goodness… This thread affected my mind. I’ll stop now.

          And to add to that, that anon speaks the truth in many senses actually, although if he wanted to translate “Beriwota de yokatta!”, he’s wrong ’cause that would be “I’m glad I am/proud of being a Berryz Kobo wota/fan”. But “I’m proud of Berryz Kobo” are my feelings about them too :3

    • I think it is a euphemism for “oppai” or breasts. “Ice Cream” is another popular euphemism.

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