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  1. I guess the “I cut my hair” tweets just before the new year were not just a fashion statement then.

  2. > I’m going to make sure to enjoy the awful, perversely satisfied smile she will surely have on her face.
    I’m sure that will be or rather was a lovely view.

  3. Keeping a viable marriage when both partners are in the same very demanding industry is tough. When I was in the US Army, I saw career Soldiers get married and face serious issues. The choice seemed to be for both to go full tilt with their careers and wind up often thousands of miles apart with the marriage as an afterthought or one would modify career goals then develop serious resentment. Saw it work fine occasionally, but not very often…

  4. Another Jordan Peterson clip incoming…

    Although, to be completely honest, I’m glad I didn’t see this video when I was younger. While I now recognize the level of commitment that goes along with a decent marriage — and man, does accepting it make married life that much more fulfilling and worthwhile — at that age the thought of taking on any level of responsibility at all would’ve turned me off from the idea of marrying anyone.

    It was really only after discovering Jordan Peterson that I actually understood why one might even think to get married in the first place. It didn’t make any sense to me before that.

  5. I think their love might have burnt a bit too fast. They were super clingy, basically glued to each other. They probably got sick of each other after a while.

    Then again, as others have mentioned, showbiz is hard and they probably didn’t have much time for each other when they weren’t taking tons of selfies together. Then that he’s a bit older than her (6 years I think?) – Gaki in her late 20ies might want to focus on her career, while her soon ex-husband in his mid 30ies might have wanted a family. And Japan usually puts most of that desire on the wife.

    There are lots of reasons to consider, it’s not always something horrible like cheating on each other or coming to hate the other. It’s good that they decided on it so quickly, before they had children.

  6. I love how so many people have such strong opinions and certitudes regarding Gaki’s private life. Even I have seen all the pics she posted on Instagram, I still don’t know what their private life was, and I will probably never know why they divorced.

    That said, it means Gaki is available again. YEAH! (I know, I don’t have a chance, but let me dream a bit).

  7. Jordan Peterson is a very smart prick. I do not agree with half of what he said above (or ever).

    • Parts of what he says make some sort of sense. But you have to pass through the bitter-old-guy-shoot-in-all-directions rant first.

  8. Well I don’t follow Gaki, but when so many people think divorce was to be expected then something is definitely not working, maybe Gaki actually didn’t date while she was an idol so when she fell in love she though he was the one and after getting married she realized that love is not enough, well whatever the reason I’m glad they did it before having children, hoping the best for Gaki!!

  9. So most people think it’s about money huh.. Damn.. If those entertainer don’t have enough money to go by.. I wonder what will happen to me who lost a job..

    I guess in the end, if you’re thankful and content a dollar will feel like a million and if you’re not.. Even a million won’t be enough

  10. I think it might be about booty.

    Kotani Yoshikazu was in Kamen Rider Agitou along with Akiyama Rina and was scarred for life. Now no other female butt can measure up (not even Gaki-san’s).

  11. sad that it happened, probably married earlier than they should have before they got to know each other better.

  12. So, instead of engaging in cheap speculations, I have been checking Gaki’s blog.

    Last entry with her ex was November 23, celebrating Couple’s day (what an irony!). Previous to last entry, October 23, celebrating her birthday (not just with him, but with other staff members. No entry with the two of them alone on her birthday). But between those two dates (November 3), Gaki went to Disneyland wearing some weird, excessive blue make-up on her upper left cheek. What happened to her face that she needed to cover up? Has he been beating her up?

    That, and the fact that she just painted her nails black after the Golden Globes, and Ai-chan sending her a very supportive message with the hashtag #YouToo, and suspicions get reinforced.

    But those are not solid proof evidences. I might be on to something, or completely off the mark just as well.

  13. Didn’t everybody think he was gay before he suddenly married Gaki?
    Maybe he is and changed his mind about keeping face?

    • If that’s the case, then it’s my headcanon that they’re both gay and Gaki was seeing Ai-chan, whose marriage is the same arrangement ^_~

  14. Word is that HE was super clingy, always wanting her to constantly text where she was when they were apart. My personal suspicion is that he couldn’t keep up with her when they were drinking. :)

  15. Omame I believe one day you will meet someone that he can take care of you and belong with you forever. Don’t give up with loving. Don’t judge every man will be the same. I’m your Big FaN and still be forever.

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