7 comments on “Less minor but nevertheless amazing Hello! Project songs

  1. The last one lol >107 people would just go back and reminisce and make the current songs look not as good as those xD

    Srsly, I never knew the songs mentioned. Tomorrow i’ll go back on these posts and listen to all of it! For now i’ll sleep.

    Thanks henkka!

  2. Kinda makes me laugh when people say “oh the stuff was better” or “i want to hear the old songs”. People said that when 5/6th gen joined. They do it now and with every new 2-3 gens. It’s not better you just haven’t listened to the older ones in a long time. And have a lot emotional attachment to those songs because most likely still a teenager with a lot of changes going on in life. Love/school/friends/Body etc etc.
    Nostalgia can be nasty.

    The new songs are also played to death and a change is always nice. Some songs from their first/second/third album are really nice (besides the stuff we all know). Or just ikkimashoi would be nice from time to time. Yes that’s me being nostalgic :p.

  3. 51: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/01/13(水) 00:21:25.86 0.net
    This was an Eri thread pretending to be a music appreciation thread.

    It was and I thank them for it lol…

    Juice juice though came out the gate strong with monster debut songs, wont say they fell off but their older songs are def much better than the newer songs

  4. The first time I saw that Kiiro 5 song, I was really surprised to find out that RuRu was in Hello Project. Up until then I only knew about her Chinese music. I always laugh when I see them flying by flapping there hands in that video.

    Also, Hare Ame Nochi Suki may have been a good song, I actually liked Sakura Mankai a lot more.

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