7 comments on “Michishige Chayu: “Harunan Harunan Harunaaaaan!”

  1. I thought that Sayu likes younger girls :D

    And Haruna hanging out with Ayacho AND Yuka is like a… dream combo to me *u*

  2. Shige loves girls of all ages as long as they’re cute lol, but she will always run to the younger ones first….

    And ouch, feel a little bad for Ayacho getting dissed by Harunan lmao

  3. Sayu: “I know you don’t like it. And that’s why I do!!”

    (BTW, Harunan means what she says. Few weeks ago, I’ve seen her hanging around in Roppongi Hills with two other girls – same age and definitely not HP members)

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