8 comments on “Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book Interviews: Iikubo Haruna

  1. What an amazing interview, there were many things I didn’t know about, even as a Harunan fan. Especially the parts about her asking Tsunku for advice. I have known that some of the members contacted him often, however what Harunan asked him about surprised me a bit. She really does think a lot about everything.

    I love her even more after reading this. And the timing of this translation is perfect, with her upcoming graduation and all. T

  2. No wonder the girls have huge appetites indeed like she said. With Iikubo gone I hope it’s not the end of the current MM members talking about their drinking -threads. I like reading those types of things, and food they like. Anyway Iikubo strikes me as a bit weird girl but in a good way, able to speak so frankly and all.

  3. Thank you for providing this. Though I’m more familiar with earlier years of Musume, this still provided a treasure trove of information.

  4. Thanks! Whenever I read Harunan’s interviews or FAQS it’s always refreshing. I will miss her a lot too just bc of her simplicity and sense to keep improving.

  5. I get mad at myself a lot for being so mad that she was chosen in the 10th gen auditions (based purely on singing abilities), because of how far she has come, and how level-headed she is. Being so close in age to her, I feel like if we had met, we would have been good friends. It’s a shame that Morning Musume is loosing her, but I feel like she’ll be interesting to watch post-graduation.
    Thank you as always for these translations, Henkka, I always love them so much and read them all, even if I don’t post.

  6. I can only imagine that atmosphere when Nakazawa san clapped her hands, everybody asides from Maa-chan was probably scared shitless lmao.. The 1st gen leader was truly in a completely different league of her own..

    I’ve always been proud to be a fan of a group like this where all the OG members truly try to stay involved, in touch, or aware of the current groups progress.. They dont just graduate and move on with their life as if their time in the idol world never existed.. Even JunJun and LinLin who are in a completely different country still stay in touch or mention the groups occasionally on social media

  7. Watching a recent concert I was impressed by how much Haruna had grown into a confident stage presence. She was interacting with the members around her. Confidently smiling. In rhythm with the music and enjoying it. Making eye contact with the fans. No one is calling her a dork now.

    Honey, I am going to miss you. Best of luck!

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