20 comments on “Kudo Haruka: “Me and Harunan have tiny boobs”

  1. Hmm Kudo is trying to grow her *****; I just want to tell her “gambare”; never underestimate the power of human persistence, will and determination.

    Girls any recommended advice for Kudo; like stretching exercise or special diets?

    • You must be kidding. There’s no exercises or diets like that. None that work anyways.
      Let’s just hope she has good genetics.

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  3. Duu is only 14 and still has some years of growing left so she still has a chance to develop the nice body she so desires, not very likely but still possible

    Chocobo on the other hand is 19 already and shes stuck like that for life lol.. But year the 10th gen in general doesn’t look to promising in the future for the sexy body department

  4. All members of 10th generation are so thin, so I doubt they’ll ever have any big breasts.

    But y’know, I’m somewhat glad because of it. Look at Mizuki – half of her fans are fine and like her for being herself. Yet the other half are like “wohohoho BEWBS wwwwww”. So yeah.

    And one more thing – UpFront’s Queen of Breasts is Hashimoto Aina :-)

  5. Heres some female science for you guys out there.

    Boobs stop growing around 21 when the milk ducts stop growing.

    Exercise reduces the chance of boobs getting bigger due to the fat content of them being burnt off.

    So if Duu wants bigger boobs she needs to look at her mum and aunts to see that size they were before they had kids and to stop exercising.

    And I think Zukki has the same size (if not bigger) then Fukuhime.

    • that and the girls are always taking dance lessons. excessive excercise like that could also delay their growth, so daa/maa/duu will have little chance of growing decent boobage until maybe when they’re about 20. or if they graduate.

      harunan’s gonna be chayu levels of flat forever.

    • Breasts grow during pregnancy. Course after the pregnancy and nursing, they usually shrink back to their normal size before the pregnancy. It’s not always the case though. Sometimes they’ll shrink back down, but end up larger than what they started as.

      On average, breasts stop growing around mid-20s, but other things can contribute to their changing size after that timeframe. Pregnancy, weight changes, medications, etc can cause them to grow or shrink.

  6. i think there is special exercise for boobs.
    gaining weight is also a help i guess. if your body tone down, your boobs somewhat retains amount of fat.

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