12 comments on “Country Girls’ “Peanut Butter Jelly Love” makes me cry because of how good it is

  1. FINALLY CGs & PBJL getting some serious love!!! My favorite group in 2015 and that song PBJL is seriously amazing…for many personal reasons and being Momochi was my kami this song means so much to me. Eric is gay though I’m pretty sure..lol just saying #28!

  2. Why are CG’s songs so good? Or why are most of most other groups’ songs shit? Sort of a Buono! situation where their songs are so much better than any other groups’ songs.

  3. If we’re talking songs with that melancholy tinge, then I gotta go with Kimama na Kataomoi, from the final Momochi album. It’s right at home with all those other not-Tanpopo Motown takes.
    I really loved their performance of it at the H!P Winter 2018. Rather than just singing it cutely, they really went for a wistful take.

    Plus, I met the composer of the song in person twice now! Mitz Mangrove is a pretty awesome person.

  4. I always feel warm and fuzzy everytime I hear PBJL. The music and lyric sounds nostalgic, cute, and heartwarming at the same time. The lush strings section at the beginning of the intro followed by Momo vocal and the harmony by the rest of the girl is just so pretty. It’s like if ballads by The Beatles and Beach Boys sprinkled with sugar, sparkles, and rainbows.

  5. “Dou Datte II No” is my favorite CG song. I love the guitar and them channeling Elvis a la Jailhouse Rock. Too bad it was a flop in Japan.

    Their fan club did an excellent job of subbing their vids.

    I got busy with other things and the next thing I know about CG is they semi-disbanded. At least Funaki got a good gig with Angerme.

    What is Ozeki Mai doing now?

  6. hajimete no happy birthday! is my favorite.
    i also listen those country musume songs a lot where fujimoto miki sings, can’t get enough of her voice.

    • I loved Fujimoto Miki in MM and feel the same way about her voice. But never listened to Country Girls until after it was re-organized. I will have to look up the old group and listen to Mikitty again.

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