52 comments on “Yanagawa Nanami’s Yanagawa Nanamis are huge!

  1. Well, this thread is bit of funny and disgusting at the same time.

    Yanamin have many wonderful aspect other than her breast size.

  2. I wonder if management noticed her Yanamins when they decided to put her into J=J… in that case, maybe she’s not out of place after all!

      • The other girls don’t have Yanamins, per se. But Akari does have a nice set of Uemuras.

          • Why hiding behind “anon” uh… darn, I even forgot your name, all that comes to my mind is “Nakadashi-kun’s pervert senpai/twin who’s sexually obsessed with Fukumura Mizuki”… How could I forget the username? But I know it’s you.

  3. Now I know what was criteria when theey recruited both Nanami and Musubu into same generation

  4. The glow up on this girl is tremendous… Future H!P leader of Sexy and the bonus is she has the personality to pull it off.. She’s not afraid to flaunt or joke about her own self

    • Btw it’s titled “Yanaming” but maybe it should be called Yanaming Yanamin’s Yanamins.

  5. Funnily enough just one week ago or such I’ve seen people discussing whether or not they’re really big or if Yanamin is just really good at padding her bra. Judging by preview pics of her photobook though these are the real deal.

  6. Yanamins and Funakis, I’m totally on board! Seriously tho, these two are gems and both are amazing with or without…ampleness. As one poster said, it’s almost kind of lonely. Sigh. Can’t stay kids forever I guess. A duo Funaki Yanamin photo book though. .. YAAASSSSSS

  7. What is so disgusting about boobs? Why do people criminalize those who just simply talk about a girl like Yanamin”s breasts? Its not like we’re doing anything that harms her. For me, its hard to believe her boobs are only now being noticed. Duh…those boobs are the reason she’s the centre for Sexy Sexy! Those boobs are also why she’s selected to join J=J! Those I personally would enjoy Uemura’s I have to admit Yanamin”s not bad either for her age right now

        • Funny how even perverted trolls like Nakadashi or the likes although they’re not exactly liked, never really get stuff like this “fuck off and go ruin something else”. I’m not ruining anything, I just dislike how some people talk like the girls were only fap material. Sorry for thinking it’s creepy that a bunch of middle aged guys talk about the breasts of a 16yo whatever their size is and then some other westerners join in. It’s disgusting how they only start paying attention to anyone just because of that.

          • I hate to contribute to arguments here, but…look, I get where you’re coming from. I’m a girl and I consider myself a huge feminist, so I know objectifying bullshit when I see it. And I’m actually a lesbian, so I understand both attraction to female bodies and what it feels like to live in a misogynistic world. The greater trend to reduce women to their bodies’ sexual value is wrong, sure… but this particular thread and comment style has a pretty lighthearted, cheeky feel to it, and lots of them were Yanamin’s fans before her bust size went up. It’s not like all the wota talk about is the idols’ bodies, it’s just one aspect. And as long as their comments aren’t gross like Nakadashi’s, I don’t see the inherent problem in creating a thread to point out and talk about something you noticed about an idol’s body. If it was a random girl they snapped a picture of in public, that would be wrong and a thread about that would be gross. But Yanamin is willingly in the public eye, and all types of discussion happens about famous people. I’m sure female fans of male idols talk about their ab and bicep size too. And yeah, I get the difference between female and male sexualizaton. Given the context of how female and male bodies are sexualized differently, it’s easy to see anything involving guys talking about female bodies as inherently wrong, but I don’t think that’s the case here. In the case of the guy you originally replied to, however, I see your point (name also doesn’t help)… but as a whole, this topic is fine to talk about respectfully, in my opinion. It’s not the concept itself, but the uncomfortably high number of gross men who ruin it.
            Honestly, I think we have more or less the same views, but your wording pisses off the guys who don’t understand feminist viewpoints or else are told we’re all “feminazis”. People are probably more likely to understand and agree with feminist points when they see that they’re not as extreme as they’re made out to be and actually make sense when well-explained.
            Sorry for the long reply, it’s just that I see stuff like this happen on this site every now and then and I thought it would be nice to add something different to the mix than the usual bickering.

            • What’s this? A completely reasonable, thoughtful comment? In MY comment section?! Well, I won’t allow it!

              (Thanks for contributing even if you don’t like to.)

  8. Very well, let’s all try to “yanamin” to yanamin’s yanamins once a day, every day. Ok?

  9. Not gonna lie….Yanamin will be on my “Happy time” tonight before going to bed. Just being real.

  10. Here is an idea for HP. Let’s create a new unit made of Mizupon, Yanamin and Hirose.

    Name of the unit: Public Execution
    First single title: We’re not like that

    Any thoughts, guys?

    • Not bad.. though I personally prefer B&B…which is short for boobs & butts. And Akari Uemura should join this unit too

    • Doesn’t that first single title sound like a communist “I’m not like that”?

      (Referring to MM’s Sou Janai)

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