21 comments on “How Miyazawa “Mofuo” Marin fell in love with Yanagawa “Yanamin” Nanami

    • Yanamin is an apprentice angel doing an internship on earth before she takes her exam to become an angel. Mufuo is an apprentice devil doing an internship on earth before she takes her devil exam. A catastrophe happens and earth is attacked by an evil alien who seals the doors between earth and heaven and earth and hell. Now Yanamin and Mufuo are the only ones who can save earth from being taken over by evil monsters of the week created by the alien by brainwashing young girls who look exactly like H!P idols. Using their tent pole magic they can break the evil spells and turn the monsters of the week back into normal girls (who look exactly like H!P idols). Can Yanamin and Mufuo overcome their differences and work together? Will Yanamin reform Mufuo’s devil heart? Will Mufuo corrupt Yanamin’s angel heart? It’s Mofuo ga Koi ni Ochiru Made TV. “All together now! MIYA THE WORLD Awakens!“

      • This is practically the first precure story XD
        Yanamin = Honoka = Cure White
        Mofuo = Nagisa = Cure Black

        • I guess Yanamin and Mufuo will have promotional tie in plushy toys as their advisors? The toys will initially shun each other but later become close.

          Yanamin and Mufuo trace the center of the alien invasion to a particular girls high school so they both enroll.

          Yanamin and Mufuo get laughed at by the monsters of the week for not having a “team” name, so each week Yanamin makes up a groan inducing horrible name for the duo, often stolen from pro wrestling tag teams.

          (the set up for the story was actually stolen in part from Goseigers, but we will let that slide)

    • Once upon a time,

      Miyazawa Marin and Yanagawa Nanami had hot girl sex.

      The end.

      (I’m the current winner I think.)

  1. hahahahaha this was such a good read, didn’t knew Marin was a chuuni, this is great stuff, would love to see that movie, even Sayu is on it, I can see why XD

  2. My favorite post in a long time!
    Thank you for translating this one, they are my favorite couple right now!

  3. Sayu is the villain with no doubt, Momochi the Yoda-style senpai, Morito the silly best friend of the heroine and Risa the mysterious woman with a hidden secret.

    And yeah, at the end all had hot girl sex together.

  4. Something about the quotes around their names in the initial story really sets the mood…

  5. Are there any 2ch threads about Pink Cres.? And I know you don’t take requests but if there are any, I’d like you to consider translating at least one someday :)

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