20 comments on “Makino Maria is crying too much as of late

  1. Yay, a Maria thread!
    Both her tears and her smile are too cute ;-;
    I heard Fukumura cries a lot too, but I haven’t seen that as much as Maria crying lol
    The pasta thing made me crack up though.
    Also, does anyone know what #92 is from?

  2. She always cries though lol… maybe they should stay bottling her tears up and make millions selling them to wota lol… Just saying, this agency could use a bit more money money rolling in

  3. I love Maria so much, she is just so genuine and pure, when she is is smiling she makes me smile with her and when she is crying she makes me wanna hug her

  4. Why does Maria always cry, though? Is there even any good reason for her crying?

  5. It’s very interesting to me to compare her to Momoclo’s Shiori, who used to go by the moniker “spoiled crybaby,” and yeah, for the first few years, she did cry at a whole bunch of stuff. And then she stopped, around when she cut her hair for Santa-san, and she’s been one of the most stable members of Momoclo since. So I wonder if Maria’s a bit of the same thing. (On the other hand, even early Shiori still had snark and sass while Maria’s unbelievably pure for someone with the pink member color.)

    • “Maria’s unbelievably pure for someone with the pink member color”

      Wait, I am confused. Are member colors supposed to be indicative of character type, like they were on a super-sentai team?

      • Oops, sorry for the late reply. It’s not a requirement, but I’ve just noticed over the years that the pink members tend to be very calculating. They can be so shamelessly burikko because they aim for it, not because it’s necessarily their innate nature. Ishikawa, Michishige, Momochi, Kojima Haruna, Sasaki Ayaka, the list goes on.

        • I haven’t seen many super sentai shows so my views are skewed, but here are my impressions:

          Red: the leader, either an ace or a clown.

          Blue: Very earnest, sometimes to the point of being comedic.

          Yellow: Moe or sassy.

          Pink: Also Moe or sassy, but more calculating than yellows.

          Green: Either bad-boys or happy-go-lucky

          Juice=Juice (the Juicigers?) kind of fit this layout:

          Yuka: peach (pink) – moe but very scheming
          Tomoko: apple (red) – harsh but sometimes caring
          Sayuki: lemon (yellow) – moe
          Karin: grape (blue?) – doesn’t really fit but could be a comedic blue.
          Akari: Melon (green) – happy-go-lucky

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