35 comments on “The subtle charms of H!P members that no one but me has noticed

  1. Tanimoto Ami’s adorable legs, they’re especially notable in Hitorijime. I don’t know why nobody else mentions it…

  2. If H!P would get rid of Ikibo Haruna and Kaga Kaede, all would be perfect. Haruna was too old to even be in H!P when she started and Kaede is a smart ass.

    • ????? She was 17 when she joined.. Their were at least 3 other members who were over 18 when they joined as far as i know of which include JunJun, Mikitty, and Nakazawa Yuko who was 24 at the time the group was created… And that just Morning Musume members, H!P as a whole has had quite a few adults at debut

  3. does anyone else go crazy about nakky’s shoulders in the jinsei wa step dance? the way the off-the-shoulder sleeves bounce up and down………….there’s a lot of beautiful and sexy things about that video but i always end up just staring at nakky the whole time ;__;

  4. That last comment about maple. No, you’re not the only one.
    She looks like a boy from many angles, even her body build. Plus she doesn’t need to act boyish like Duu to look like it. Maaaaan, she make me confused XD

  5. OMG the Fuku-chan eyes thing yes! I thought nobody would ever point that out…I feel like the smaller one gets even smaller sometimes when she smiles, too. Fuku-chan is just too cuuuuute~!
    On a related note, the way Fuku-chan seems to zone out and stretch her eyes during talk shows. She did it a lot in that recent one with Yaguchi lol
    About Maria, how she seems to love this one black-and-white striped dress with a red bow. She wore it in a pic from Sayumi’s comeback and in a random pic with her and Nonaka from October, and during hello station 167, to name a few.
    Also in regards to Maria, she’s easily the tallest member now but no one else seems to have noticed…? (You can clearly see this in a video where they’re all in their socks; it’s from their recent soba-eating competition)

  6. Manakan!!!!!!! I miss her soooooo much… Why wont she come back to us

    Henkka, i always loved Megu’s dimples too, by far my favorite of the KIDS ever

    1) Maa-chan’s subtle changes to the choreography… Still matching the group but different enough to stand out a bit
    2)How cute Captain Saki is when shes getting teased
    3)Oda lurking in the background of behind the scenes videos until a member notices and calls her over
    4)Tsuji being jealous of the other shuffle groups when she was stuck with the boring older members
    5)Kamei at times completely not paying attention to anything around her until she is called upon by surprise
    6)Gaki’s baka character completely disappearing over time… She was an idiot when she 1st debuted for a few years then somehow she became one of the smarter members later on

    • Yep. I’ve always had this weird liking to Megu. I don’t even know why. I became a fan of H!P in early 2007, literally just after she’d graduated, so I wasn’t even a fan when she was still active. And yet… I don’t know. I guess she just has one of those faces.

      It was so good to hear “Yuki ga Chirari” though — who’d have thought that we’d ever get to hear her again in a “new” recording?

  7. -I adore how Duu makes a point to lock eyes with people at lives and really involve them in the song.
    -I like how Hirose Ayaka has intimidatingly cool expressions.
    -I appreciate how Rina-puu gives off an aloof image, but then gave me an”ohisashiburi” a year after first meeting her at an event.
    -A one-off, but the way Tamura Meimei spun, saw Kananan was missing, then looked all worried, during a live performance of Mystery Night, was about the most adorable thing I’d ever seen. It was on a Hello! Station, I think – probably from Sunshine City Ikebukuro. I’d love to find a gif of it.

  8. Kaedy bounciness on the stage. Got to see her in Sagamihara for the first time last week. She darts around the stage like a sika deer, you can’t help but following her around. I really had to make an effort to pay some attention to the other members.

  9. – When Maa-chan joined Morning Musume she was always so nervous, that her microphone switched hands almost every second…
    – Her fingers are never straight when she does the peace sign…
    – When she laughs hard she’ll always sit/fall down, no matter where she is…
    – She listens carefully but it always seems that she is thinking of something else… And when she responds it will most likely be a metaphor or a pun… Sometimes she even changes the subject without a warning…
    – Only when the subject is music production she is very serious and won’t fool around…
    – She never brags about her skills and is embarrassed, when someone praises her…

    There is even more, so… I guess I’m obsessed with this girl… And I don’t get, why there was noone else thinking of her in the original post because Masaki is a mystery – even to a lot of her fans…

    • >> that her microphone switched hands almost every second…
      I remember seeing her do that. It was really cute.

      I like this expression on Hama-chan.

  10. I love all Risako’s expressions in early Berryz music videos. It’s funny, because she was so small and cute, yet she had this worried/angry look that really made me fall for her.
    I also love how Ogawa Saki was spontaneous. In Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii you can catch her scratching her nose and not looking at the camera, hahaha. She was the perfect “girl next door”.
    And I really loved the way Kago would move her head in order to get her bangs “out of the way”. It was really “womanly”, while she was so young and so small. Kago is my first oshi ever, I actually loved everything about her.

    Thanks for the translation!

  11. When nacky gets a line to herself her eyes glisten. I.e. bagel ham and cheese at the live compass tour

  12. The way Fuku-chan sometimes shakes her head slightly when she makes a cute expression for the camera.

  13. >71 This is so true! It’s really nice how Kishimon is always doing the Tsubaki symbol when they take group pictures :)

  14. Fuku Chan’s eyes! The first time I noticed it, I thought she was just nervous but after a while I got, that one of her eyes is just smaller.

    Michishige’s hooded eye, which is barely noticable thank’s to her good make up.

    The uneven face of Shimizu Saki.

    When Suzuki Kanon contracted her chin muscles together so that it sometimes made weird creases and she had this “not bad” expression.

  15. Iikubo’s fingers. Watch when she was doing an impression of a stag beetle, and then in the dvd magazine when MM was in a school. She has gorgeous fingers.

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