31 comments on “Makino Maria: “I don’t want my father to see my photobook.” (+1)

  1. Since I’m yet to have daughter, I always wonder what comment should I make of my kids had taken a photobooks like Maria did. Especially those books that are more seductive than others, like Fukumura’s ones

  2. In this thread: a bunch of daughterless old men who want to interpret this the way that suits them best.

    It doesn’t matter how much they’re smiling when they’re doing it: deep down, no one likes having their their swimsuit pictures taken. It must especially sadden her father — he knows that a bunch of old men are using her daughter as masturbation material. And unless you’re psychotic, you won’t be sexually attracted to your own daughter. Sorry for the serious reply.

    Maria-sama seems like a really good kid. She has my utmost support.

    ^ This. They somehow think it’s funny commenting over some father being attracted to his daughter all of the time. In reality they’ve been on porn sites too much, never had actual sexual encounters and can’t emphasize with that father at all. Otherwise they’d know that that father would probably rather smash their heads than laugh about jokes like that.

    • Have you heard of exhibitionists? People who like being looked at and being the center of attention? Two traits that would be helpful in being an idol. Or do all women have to abide by your idea of how women should act and feel?

      • You are responding to the post from the Japanese 2ch user I quoted. I’m responding simply to that father potion of that quote. Did you read the original post? lol

          • babyssb got so BTFO that he won’t even reply! why did he quote the whole post if he was only agreeing to a part of it?

            • Why is it that now that Baskerville is gone some other desperate person has taken oven the comments of WiT? What’s attracting you guys of a very special kind to this website? Please stick to the red pill threads of reddit.

    • Nahh, if she had a PB she would show it to her cool Papa and rest her head on his shoulder while open it page by page together.

    • And how would a “erotic PB” looks like? Does it include poses such as Nakadashi-kun kissing Maria’s naked breasts?

      • ^
        You’re <that< guy who used to comment crap like that but pretending to be an anon, right?

        Oh and hello Nakadashi the pedobear-sama. Do yourself a favor and get a real girlfriend.

  3. >Henkka: To be fair: if I released a bikini photobook I wouldn’t want my dad to see it either.

    Are there people who want to see a man in a bikini? :D

  4. 27: 名無し募集中。。。 2017/08/27(日) 14:56:10.14 0.net
    Everything about that picture including the background makes it look like something out of a fairytale anime.

    This is so accurate. Look at that background! It almost looks drawn!

    >Henkka: To be fair: if I released a bikini photobook I wouldn’t want my dad to see it either.

    I’d buy it Henkka. Just to support you.

    I probably wouldn’t open it, though. :D

    • Ah, doing the wota thing and buying one for keeping in unopened mint condition and a second one for use? Smart!

  5. I totally get Maria, when I bought Sayuminglandoll I only showed some selected photos to my friends, I felt embarrassed to show them the kind of erotic ones, so I can’t even imagine how embarrassing would it be if the PB was mine…

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