12 comments on “Makino Maria takes picture with an amazingly beautiful woman!!!

  1. Agreed on “Be Happy.” Wonderful pure pop. In fact, *all* Tanpopo generations have been blessed with really good singles. Hell, the opening of “Last Kiss” has been my ringtone for years. (Sadly, virtually no one recognizes it.)

  2. “It took a while for it to grow on me back in the day, but I’m telling you: I think this is a really fucking good song.” I had a similar experience. One of those songs that didn’t immediately stand out, then at some point it comes up in my H!P playlist on shuffle and blows me away.

  3. BE HAPPY 恋のやじろべえ is literally my favorite Tanpopo song. The song and the portion of the dance where they wave their arms.

  4. Ahhh, such a nostalgic face, been awhile since I saw a Melon Kinenbi member.. So underrated for a group that gave us one of the best songs in H!P history “This is Unmei”… Think I’m gonna go watch some old Utaban episodes now, they were hilarious back then, so naturally talented at variety

    • I know this will sound trite, but it’s 100% truth.

      During the Q&A session at the anime convention in New York last week, Maria actually “glowed”. I always thought that description could only apply if you were talking about old 50’s movie stars, but it honestly fits Maria so well. I actually felt my pupils enlarge as I was staring at her, and she isn’t even my oshi.

      So yeah… Maria is something more than stunning, surely…

        • I’m relieved I’m not the only one who noticed this! Again, perhaps trite, but: here comes Morning Musume out from the fire exit. Everyone sits down and that awful host starts the Q&A. I’m looking for Ishida and Sato because, hey, why do I need a reason to look for two beautiful women? Then all of a sudden my eyes are drawn up and to the left… and there’s Makino, emitting this lovely golden aura about her, 10,000,000 watt smile and all. It was enchanting. Hard to forget, too…

          Just, wow.

  5. I really love BE HAPPY 恋のやじろべえ. But sometimes I wonder if it’s the melody I love or just those chunky shoes the girls wear in the PV. :D

  6. Nothing but love for Shibata and Melon Kinenbi <3 Two of my top 10 H!P songs are Melon Kinenbi singles. So awesome and so underrated

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