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  1. Suzuki Airi and Sayashi Riho. Until I realized that I didn’t hate them, they are awesome, I just hated their fans.
    Now I’m more cautious to not judge a girl by her fans.

    (just to be clear, “hate” is a really strong word, you don’t really know any of these people, idols or fans, hate is just the easiest word to use for something you think is annoying in the Internet, but it doesn’t really affect your real life)

  2. When I was getting into H!P I was a bit overwhelmed and was pick-and-choosing what groups/members to like and not like and I decided to not like S/mileage…which lasted all of 5 minutes because I loved their cute songs and absolutely fell for them when Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki came out.

    But members I actually strongly dislike? I’ve gone back and forth on Karin; she was always pushed a bit too much for my liking but since J=J has had all these pointless additions, I just want 5-nin Juice=Juice back.

  3. Maachan

    really didn’t like her at the beginning, and after Riho left she was my #1, now she’s back to “don’t really care”

  4. Riho for me, definitely. She was always overly confident which kind of rubbed me the wrong way. But later I realized that she was, after all, just a child, and had problems for herself. And that she wasn’t that confident off stage.

    Also Sayumi. I guess the “I’m the cutest” character just didn’t stick with me. Nowadays I wouldn’t say I love her but I have deep respect for her. Same for Momoko, but I never hated her lol.

    Taguchi Natsumi as well, but that was mostly her look – her eyebrows always made her look miserable. Quickly after she debuted and I had clips of her in motion this opinion changed.

    I would love to see a thread about members 2ch used to love but now dislike.

  5. I always compare them to my friends, there’s always that one you “hate” but it’s only because you’re just jealous and you want to be like them. Then you love them by making fun of them lol

    Aichan was always dead last on my rankings back then simply because I was pro-underdog and Aichan just wasn’t. She took a lot of parts in songs or videos that could’ve been given to others (like Eri, ahem) Of course I could add that I was a tad jealous of her flawless-ness, who wouldn’t be? Then she became leader of MM’s most stable and my favorite lineup, the Platinum Era. I respect her now even though I still really don’t know much about her. But you can bet I didn’t hesitate to click that follow button when she first appeared on IG ?

    Another member was Mikitty. The same reason I “hated” her back then is the same reason I love her, her b!tchy un-idol attitude lol It was entertaining to watch, a contrast to the others who were too cutesy and bubbly. Glad things worked out for her after she left the group #relationshipgoals

    Oh heck, you can add Eco Moni in there too. Why would you put two vocally challenged members into a unit? Lol I never really saw the appeal of Rika her voice ruined everything for me but no doubt she’s very beautiful. As for Sayumi, if she wasn’t Eri’s bff and my source to find any post grad updates about her then I couldn’t care less lol jk

  6. I’ve never hated anyone, but I used to “dislike” Momoko around “yurushite nyan”, but now I see how stupid I was. She was amazing, the last true idol… and she’s gone. I miss Momochi

    • I love how calculating Momoko is, but even then I find her actually acting as Momochi cringe-inducing. It’s much better when she gets to break persona, so I liked it better when she interacted with kouhais like Juice=Juice and in Country Girls.

  7. I had a kind of similiar phenomenon with members whom I didn’t really dislike but who seemed so uninteresting, that I waited for them to give me a reason to support them. Namely Akane and Kassa. Boy did they deliver.

    The member that really went from least favorite to love-hate relationship to second fave for me was Kudo, but that pretty much aligns with her bratty personality that turned into one of the kindest of the group. I had her near the bottom of my ranking for so long, finally caved in and then her departure was the one that hit me the hardest.

  8. i hate myself not realizing earlier masaki’s charm, now she is as important to me as mizuki, eripon, ayumi, kudo, sakura, maria, nonaka and yokoyoko

  9. Sayashi, Haruna, Mizuki, Eripon.
    It’s only recently that I’ve learned to appreciate what Riho was to MM in the time she was there; it truly was the end of an era when she left.
    I’ve talked about Haruna a bit elsewhere, but I judged her too much based on her singing voice, but she’s come so far; her hard work is so admirable that you have to love her.
    I wouldn’t say I love Mizuki now, but I really appreciate her as a leader. You can also tell she’s a hard worker.
    I don’t really remember why I disliked Erina, but maybe had to do something with her singing or something. She’s quite interesting now!
    I’m really curious about an opposite thread with loving a member then hating them, but I guess that would be a very toxic thread.

    • Oof, I just realized that this makes it look like I hated the 9th gen! LOL That’s not the case at all. I just didn’t understand their personalities at first.

  10. I used to detest Manakan. Her voice, looks and personality made me physically ill when she popped up onscreen. When she returned as a part of Juice=Juice, she inexplicably became adorable to me all of a sudden. Her performance of “Koi wa magnet” endeared me to her permanently.

  11. Sato Masaki. Back during auditions and debut I thought she was “useless”.. She couldnt really do anything well and she had zero knowledge of the group or its history. Felt that Tsunku wasted a slot on her

    8 years later and Maa-chan has become a GOD to me. That girl can do no wrong and is hands down my favorite idol among all active idols in Japan. Her vocal ability is legendary and her natural rhythm and creativity are top class. Her personality changed the dynamic of the group and I feel is responsible for bridging the gap between senior members and newer members.

    Maa-chan is probably the one who Loves H!P the most now among current members. Her knowledge of all the music is second to none and she is well liked by almost all the OG’s. Shes even stated personally that her goal is to become like Tsunku who she admires and produce music for H!P in the future

  12. Risako!! I used to think she was stuck up and full of herself. As I got older I realized I’d mistaken her shyness as arrogance and fell head over heals and got a huge crush on her.

  13. Oh man, I was so meh on Murotan when I first saw her. I was like, you can sing, but you are skinny and unattractive. Then when watching their lives, out of the corner of my eyes I would see someone do an erotic and lewd dance motion and it was always murotan, so I started paying attention to her and she got me. I am so in love with her personality and all around performance skills.

    Also I only had eyes for Hama-chan in kobushi, until I watched the kore kara da PV and then started noticing the other girls. And now Im a pretty big fan of the chemistry and charms of the other girls in kobushi.

  14. Michishige Sayumi, and Tsugunaga Momoko.

    For a few years I blamed Sayu for Takahashi Ai’s graduation. One concert Sayu told the whole world she was in love with Ai and had been carrying a torch for Ai even before she auditioned. This embarrassed the hell out of Ai on stage. Not long after that Ai announced her graduation. Well, I put 2 + 2 together and got 5. Now I have respect for Sayumi and wish her well.

    Momoochi’s ultra “I am the cutest thing that ever lived” persona just grated on my nerves. It was just way too sticky sweet for me. Yuck. Then one day I saw a clip where the camera ran maybe 20 seconds longer than Momoko thought. In that short time Momoko literally stepped out of the Momoochi character and became herself. I realized what a highly talented actor Tsugunaga was and since then have respect for her.

          • Foxtrot Uniform you little squirt.

            Okay, here is your chance to impress yourself again. What silly question will you ask now?

            • Your responses have assured me of what I had suspected about you and your difficulties and no further questions are necessary. I’m sure you have important things to attend to like coloring books and eating Play-Doh™.

              • Hahaha! It must be fun to repeat all those cool psych-words ( like “developmentally disabled”) you hear in therapy, eh?

  15. Surprised at the lack of Maria, I get the feeling that a lot of people find her annoying at first but then realize how cute and quirky she is

    As for me, I never really *hated* anyone, but I used to feel a bit scared of Daaishi, I thought she kinda had RBF lol
    But after getting to know her more and more through MCs and these threads and stuff, she’s landed in my top 5 of current H!P and I can’t get enough of her

  16. No one I really hated, but some I just felt indifferent to. I’d say Koharu was the top for me. I didn’t care if she was there or not, then I went to her grad. I didn’t really watch any concert dvds during then, but she gives an amazing performance. I still don’t care about her other activities on like dvd magazines.

  17. I’ve been “meh” on Morito for the longest time. Just could not get the hype, especially when she was constantly getting outdone by the other CGs.
    But while I still remain apathetic to her performance skills, her personality fascinates me more and more. She’s just so visibly thinking very hard at all times, trying to figure out what she should be doing. And then every now and then she manages to find precision strike times to let loose.

    I can see why Iikubo likes her so much. It’s not just about the cuteness thing, but they seem to both be that very thoughtful type. They probably have quite analytical conversations with each other. Chii will be a real force to be reckoned with in the future, I wager.

  18. Ayumi. I intensely disliked her when 10th gen joined( I kind of disliked them all except Haruka) but now I’m quite fond of her.

  19. Miyamoto Karin, specially when they put close shots in Seishun Kozou ga naiteru / Yuugure wa ameagari promotional videos.
    I was so pissed because in 2014, Ayumin had backed her off in the dancing takes in Ijiwaru Shinai de Dakishimete yo and I felt they should have done similarly that too while Kanon was sick/hiatus.
    But her stage presence and her performance blowed my mind. I remember when I shaked her hand, I felt her love/desire of being an idol and promoting Juice=Juice worldwide.
    So after her, I try not to have pre-concepts of them (even though it’s hard, since I don’t speak Japanese and I only have [few English translated] videos to know H!P idols)

  20. For me, it was Risako, I disliked her at first because she got so many lines from the start even though she wasn’t one of the best singers, and she seemed like a really cold/unfriendly or arrogant person (something along those lines) as a teen, but as I began knowing the group more, her improvement made me change my mind, so I started acknowledging that she was actually a pretty great front member, and her personality wasn’t so bad, she was actually more like a really quiet/serious girl. I’m so glad I was able to overcome that borderline hatred I had for her because it’s such a nasty feeling, especially since she was a member of my absolute favorite group, it’s not nice to dislike anyone in a group you otherwise adore. I still wish in the early days, the 4 “back members” had gotten more spotlight, though, I especially lean towards Captain getting that chance since she was a better singer than Rii back in those days, and while I look at young Rii with fondness now, I still think she was just not that skilled at singing and thus butchered some lines. That’s not her fault though, management pushes who they want. And I mean, I’ve known since the beginning but I still was so annoyed at Risako when I was a new fan, nowadays I’m just like “sigh, why, management? why?”

    More recently, I used to dislike Risa and Ami from Tsubaki but Risamaru has grown on me a lot (still not one of my faves,tho, but I like her now). Ami hasn’t grown on me as much but I’m okay with her now. I’m still highly indifferent towards Riko, though, I’ve never hated her but I’m just like… “okay, next”.

  21. I don’t like Risako. She seems conceited. why is she even censoring her baby’s eyes. that is weird. it’s a baby. all babies look the same. lol

    • are you trolling? I also think it’s not necessary to censor babies’ faces but lots of people do, no just her, and that is no reason to think she’s conceited.

      TBH I used to think she was conceited but now I just settled down to not knowing because I don’t know her personally, also she’s quite introverted so that might be a reason why she comes off as conceited.

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