24 comments on “What were the greatest ever outfits of Hello! Project?

  1. I wonder if they had a 2ch discussion of the worst H!P outfits of all time if a particular outfit would make both lists?

  2. Where’s Yossie in that nice suit from Mr. Moonlight? It’s like you guys aren’t even trying.

    • Hey, that’s pretty much what I just wrote, and I hadn’t even read your comment yet, having scrolled right down to the comment field after reading the thread.

  3. It’s funny how you can kinda tell how old the wota are by the outfits they choose.

    I’m surprised someone had the same answer as me, C-ute’s Forever Love outfits are my pick as best.

    All in all these answers reveal wota have horrible taste in fashion. :P

  4. Buono! really ALWAYS had good outfits, and if they had a terrible one once, I can’t remember…

    All my YES! to the wota who said Futsuu Idol 10nen (no matter what people saaaay), Adam to Eve & Dodengaeshi.

    Ryuusei Boy, Otona na no yo!, that Uta outfit and FOREVER LOVE’s outfits were good but I wouldn’t say best. And Please! Miniskirt Postwoman showed up a lot here, and they were nice but best? Nah, I grow tired of seeing them after a while.

    >40, 107, 118, 159 were great too

    >154: Who calls the Munasawagi Scarlet outfits lazy? D: They were great!

    >35, 46, 64, 102, 170 (only the first ones, the Berryz ones were okay) & 184 (I kinda liked the Asian Celebration outfits, especially Maasa’s because it avoided most of the zebra print and it looked cool but WANT? NOOOOO!) Have terrible taste.

    I love too many outfits to write here (or recall lol)

    • Berryz surely had some cool outfits. I like the colorful ones from “Loving you too much”, but I hate their makeup. Risako wore so much blush it made her look like Pikachu.

  5. Are we seriously forgetting the greatness of MM15’s Imasugu outfits?? they’re personally in my top 3 ;;;;

  6. The outifts in Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne music video are simple, yet really cute. I’d wear those.

  7. Number 10 got it right, but you have to watch the dance shot version of that video to truly appreciate that outfit.

  8. For this I get to the conclusion that S/mileage-Angerme outfits are the best ones, in that line of thoughts Nana Korobi had really good ones

    P.D.: the picture in the background if the reply is making me tear up, I really miss those days, Sayu-Maa-Reina is my favorite combi ever

  9. For MM:
    This might surprise some, but Koko ni Iruzee’s clothes were wonderfully dorky and went well with everything about the song so I like them…lol
    Do it Now!’s dresses were cool and I’m surprised no one mentioned them–Kaori especially looked stunning
    Other favorites: Go Girl~Ai no Victory, Renai Hunter, Kimagure Princess, One Two Three, One and Only, Utakata Saturday Night, Mukidashi de Mukiatte
    And of course I agree with Sukatto My Heart and Ai no Gundan
    For Berryz… I’m super biased and kind of like everything so I’ll say my least favorite was probably Rock Erotic and my favorite was probably Maji Bomber
    And I didn’t start following the other groups that much yet so I don’t have a well-formed opinion ^^;

  10. Can someone help me? Who’s the girl in 172? Looks really sexy, but I didn’t recognize her.

  11. Buono!’s outfits are pretty cute. I can’t remember them having any bad ones right now.

    I also liked the steel crown set Berryz had at the beginning of their Budokan concert in 2014.

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