92 comments on “Foreign wota on 2ch users who relentlessly flame Zukki: “Meanie!” “This is horrible.”

  1. Well this is shit isn’t it. Foreigners don’t have much privilege compared to Japanese people so why are they feeling all high and mighty. Damn right we got douchebags in every country no doubt.

  2. Huh, they quoted me. xD I don’t really mind, though. I know by Asian standards she is quite large. (I don’t know about obese, because that generally put’s what is actually physically unhealthy for a certain age/height/etc into it, but I can see how the wota may feel that’s what she is.)

    I think it’s pretty funny how, similarly to how some of us foreigners group the wota into one category, they assume we all just illegally download our Hello!Project music and free load xD

    I wonder how they’d react if they saw some of the foreigners CD collections. (Or collections in general!)

    Still, though I see where they are coming from and understand the weight thing is based on Asian standards and what they see around them, there are still some people who just seem to hate on her qualities that aren’t related to her weight BECAUSE of her weight.
    It’s silly to think someone can’t be a good idol because of their weight. Even IF you aren’t physically attracted to them, it doesn’t change them having an entertaining personality!

    I wish I could talk to some of these wota. I think it’d be interesting xD I don’t think it’d ever get anywhere, though…we’d all still be set in our opinion xD

    • BMI over 23 is overweight in Japan, because higher would give twice the chance for certain diseases for Asians only, which is why they actually should be skinnier. Zukki looks bigger than that here.

  3. The funniest thing about this is the fact that they assume because we are defending Zukki and are Foreign, we are likely really fat, and we assume that because they are wota, they are the stereotypical creepy, fat & ugly male wota xD

    It’d be truly interesting if there were no language boundaries and the loud-mouthed foreign fans and the 2ch-using Japanese fans met for a day xD

    • That would be interesting. (◡‿◡) The sheer amount of foreign-female fans would probably keep a good chunk from coming out to the meeting though. For me, I’ve met very few foreign-male fans, but I’d really like to see where the numbers on that truly lie.

  4. Wow, a controversial choice of thread huh, Henkka? For the people reading this, I apologize for the incoming wall of text.

    Well I didn’t read the international fans’ discussion part since just reading this one already made me exhausted, but I get the general idea from my days browsing forums and tumblr. I think no. 152 has a very good point tho, “They lump together all the users of this board, and we lump together all of the foreign wota. This is how wars get started…”
    When you read opinions on the internet, you gotta be open minded and know how to filter out the crap from the honest opinions, especially on threads like these. Anonymity just makes people type nonsense sometimes.
    Now, before I state any opinions on the topic, I’ll clear up some stuff. I’m not from the west, nor from Japan. Cultural differences and societal norms can differ so much in different countries. As a Japanese celebrity, you can’t compare her condition with those of the celebrities from your own countries. The fact is that obesity is not as prevalent in Japan compared to other countries, perhaps since the food there is generally more healthy with smaller portions. Since she is in the idol industry, there are certain things expected of her, just like with any other job. For example, you would expect a teacher to have the necessary level of knowledge and good morals to be a role model for students. Now, perhaps you may disagree with those expectations of her, but she chose to audition for Momusu knowing that people will have those expectations of her. Though in my opinion, she does stand out slightly from the other girls with regards to her stature, I do not have any problems with her current performance and actually think she performs wonderfully. She probably is just as unhappy about her weight and it certainly isn’t helping anyone that it is being pointed out repeatedly.

    tl;dr people say dumb things on the internet, cultural differences suck, don’t be a jerk about it. If you disagree with anything i said here, i hope we can discuss it in a civilized manner ;)

    • But there are quite a few ‘bigger’ people on Japanese TV, most of them are comedians and TV hosts, so I would think there would be some leeway. I’ve always seen Zukki as more of a comedian, which is reminiscent to my view of Makoto, so I really don’t find her weight that strange.

      • There will always be obese people in every country. Those “bigger” people on Japanese TV tend to be men, and if there were obese ladies, they tend to be comedians (and even use their obesity to get more laughs, as bad as that sounds). Unfortunately, not everyone can be bothered to get to know Zukki and identify her as a “comedic character”. There are a lot more idols to choose from in the industry now, the industry may not be as friendly as it was when Makoto was still a Musume.

      • I just like how #3 demands his post be red.

        By the way, if any one is translating this into Japanese, please make this reply red.

  5. “According to the nature of your occupation, you’re going to have different sets of limitations and restrictions, and naturally you’re expected to obey those rules. Zukki has not done that for over two years now. What Zukki is doing by continuing to be fat is a serious breach of contract.”

    this is bullshit
    can’t these people realise that its good for the group to have all different type of girls, like Kago, Yossie, Makoto etc back in the day were chubby.
    if they’re all the same it’s boring and they look plain as a group. Simple as that. it’s good to have a chubby one even if it might not be fun being that character and getting this hate.
    Even if these people seem to hate obesity so much should at least think of it businesswise.

    • You do realize the point of an idol is to be a role-model for female fans or a sex symbol for males? Yes, that’s not all they’re there for, but that’s the original concept.

      And girls look up to idols because of their popularity, talents, and LOOKS. So what exactly is the problem with having an idol group where all the members are considered attractive by the general public? That’s the ultimate goal. Where can you go wrong with that?!

      Would people really like MM better if the members had more diversity? Doubt it. They just want girls who inspire others or look pretty enough to convince fans to buy their products. And Zukki hasn’t been fitting that bill in talents, looks, or personality lately. Sorry Zukki fans, but this is why a lot of people feel justified in bashing her.

    • People always bring up Yossie and Kago and Makoto but truthfully no other Momosu member has ever been as big as Zukki was at that point. In other groups, definitely. I mean, it’s not like she was the biggest in H!P. I never saw Zukki as fat persay because when I think of fat I think of rolls which she didn’t visibly have. Big, definitely. Huge, comparatively speaking.

      • Makoto was actually bigger than that. I was kinda surprised when I watched an old Hawaii clip.

    • A curvy one would be great; right? Like, the girls in gravure stuff… but for that Zukki should’ve lost a bit weight here.

  6. LOL! Yeah, I suspect you guys to be a little insane at times too. Some of the threads you translate are just a step on the masochistic side. (o_O)

    It’s very cruel but I kind of have to choose the 2ch-side. The very existence for 2ch & 4chan is to be able to anonymously bash the hell out of a subject with zero consequences or remorse. – (⌐■_■) – It’s not really the place for people with an active conscience. It’s not my battle ground so I stay the hell away.

    I doubt Zukki’s weight is a ‘breach of contract’ since Makoto got big for a while there and she didn’t get forced to graduate because of it. I actually see it as a good thing, it helps the group cover more bases. It’s not like Zukki’s weight really snuck up on us, from her audition I suspected that there was a chance that she might struggle later on. I was the same at her age to a lesser extent, one day I was a stick with boobs and the next I had curves every which way & a small tummy-pouch that was just never going to go away. Zukki appeals to foreign fans, sure, and that’s definitely a good thing now that they are trying to get some street-cred back. Wasn’t there a small popularity boom because of the so-called “fat pics of Zukki”?

    I just wish Zukki would come back with that 24/7 hyper personality (or something), now she kind of stands around in the background and lets the other shin-members be heard. Back in the “Ustream Musume” days just was just too overbearing, like Maa-chan can be, but at least she was noticed.She becoming the forgotten-JunJun of the group! – Щ(ºДºщ) – Remember that shopping challenge Gaki-san did with (I think) Reina and they forgot a member and it took them a scary-long time to remember who it was? – (;´Д`)ノ – “It’s JunJun!” Gah, JunJun was so funny… (〃゚∇゚〃)

    PS: What’s their beef with Eripon fans? (ಠ_ಠ)

  7. LOL. I read that majide thread about zukki last night so to have 2ch replying to the foreigner’s comments is just hilarious.

  8. wow, this group IS aggressive. My impression on different fanbase are these:

    H!O (Foreign)
    Fans kinda ignore her weight issues (even most acknowledge that) and try to find other aspect (singing) to praise her. I just try not to ruin those Zukki wotas’ fun and avoid bashing.

    Baidu (Chinese forum)
    Some poison tongue may post her “fat” pictures on the forum. Others will comment “it’s time to loose some weight but we still love her” or “=_=||||||” Things like that. But rarely find people wanting her to leave.

    Most seems to just hate her existence in the group and want to kick her out.

    Out of 3 fanbase, I think I like Baidu one most, like a middle ground. I don’t like blind fans. But seeing (young teenage) members get bashed is just disheartening.

    • Hailing from the H!O-side. I don’t think that we’re blind, we just don’t have the freedom to say nasty things. Mod-hammers and all that, we have to keep it friendly & light or risk losing our membership.

      • Sorry blind is kinda a strong word. Isn’t the best word choice. I know people there understand Zukki’s weight problem. It’s just weird seeing nothing about that. And often whoever posted any “different” opinion, soon will be branded as hater and ignored. That said, I still like H!O being all friendly and such, a place to just admire idols and not worry about anything else.

        It could just come down to my own similarity with the Chinese culture. And most opinion in Baidu carry the same value as me.

      • We just try to keep it cilvi. You know, Zukki fans are really sensitive on the matter, so anything weight-related in her thread is labelled as hate, so we avoid that, to avoid endless discussions (e.g “stop beating a dead horse, the topic has been discussed a gazillion of times”)

  9. They make it sound like all foreign fans praise Zukki for being fat. There are a lot of foreign fans who don’t like her at all too. They don’t care about her age either.

    What some oblivious fans who like to defend her need to realize that yes, she is overweight by Asian standards. Is that a bad thing? Does that make her a bad person? I personally look past it, but it is every fan’s choice to like her or not, for whatever reason.

    What’s really stupid is that some foreign fans see this and post on their threads, telling them to stop. You can’t change someone’s opinion. If H!P fans don’t like her for being fat, then it’s the same as not liking Sayumi for her singing, despite all of her other good points. It has already been said, but she will be judged because she is a professional, and wota gonna hate on someone–especially on the internet.

  10. *Facepalm*

    How can people insult a child. It’s shameful.
    Also lets not generalize fans from all countries are assholes and that go with the flow, it’s only the individual that a has decency.

  11. When it comes to this Zukki issue I choose not to say anything. But since I’m not on H!O right now….

    I think she’s chubby…. do I think she’s obese? no. But she does stand out. I think it wouldn’t be nearly as bad if the outfits were different. She either has an outfit made for the other girls or a sack – this is/has been a problem for the other bigger girls in H!P, too.

    The main problem I have with Zukki is that she isn’t funny like she used to be. I remember when she first joined she was actually my favorite 9th gen. ’cause she was so wacky! Now she’s falling into 10th gen.’s shadow – all of them are /really/ entertaining. On H!O I would never say this. Some of the Zukki fans can be scary!

    • I found her antics a bit weird at first, honestly, but now I realize that was what made her lovable and stand out more, in terms of character, and I miss that side of het

    • She really doesn’t have the opportunity to show that side off. Mostly those opportunities as rare as they are go to Riho and Eripon or Maachan.

    • She stress because reading something bad about her when she starts gaining weight. That’s why she looks sad in MV.

  12. “These foreigners sure sound self-important for being a bunch of illegal downloaders.”

    You know, this guy’s got a point and it made me laugh. Paying twenty bucks in shipping is hard to stomach at times.

  13. thanks, 2ch. you make me like 4chan a lot more. trolololol. who would have thought zukki would be the next mitsui?

  14. I think what they are all forgetting is that all girls are different and stress affects them differently. I believe Zukki is under a lot of stress right now with her weight and what management and fans are saying about her. She might be the type of girl that puts on weight when stressed and this might be the problem why she can’t lose it.

    To say that she isn’t trying to lose it is wrong as we don’t know what is truly happening behind the doors at UFP, but she’s working out more then your average junior high student.

    I am a Zukki fan, and i find that always saying things about her weight will make a girl self conscious about herself so finding nice things to say to her is the best thing anyone can do like saying how much we love her vocals, her personality and how much she has improved since joining the group.

  15. It’s amazing that the Momusu fandom loses so much sleep over someone disagreeing with them. Using all sorts of arguments isn’t going to make someone stop calling Zukki fat. It’s most likely just going to make them hate her and her fans more.

    So long as they aren’t going to handshake events and saying vile things to her directly, just let the dogs bark as loud as they want.

  16. 33:
    Of course the foreign wota who don’t realize that 2ch is an underground site would be disgusted by all the slander thrown around here.

    I’m guessing that foreign wota probably think that the users of this board are the standard of Japanese H!P wota.

    Now that I think about it… when I first came to 2ch, I, too, remember being disgusted by everyone hiding behind anonymity while being malicious and ill-natured. It’s a country of scum after all.

    Don’t foreign wota know that this board is a just a place for people to bad mouth everyone?

    I love reading the Japanese wotas reaction but I always take them with a grain of salt. Its 2ch after all, I remember someone referring to it as the ‘anus of Japanese internet culture where the scum of the earth fester and gather’. Some of them hate on absolutely everything under the sun and I understand that they don’t necessarily reflect the opinion on the ordinary populace/wotas in general.

    So, calm down people. LOL

  17. well if 4chan is the dirty gaijin version of the virginal(lolz) 2ch, then 4chan should answer some of these accusations.

    so far… my(and 1 anon’s) prodding didn’t do a thang on 4chan. 1 guy was pleasantly surprised that was 17X 2ch comments white-knighting zukki… ain’t that enough? and some other anon admit that we’re 90% downloading commies ’cause shipping charges are yakuza shite.

    i’m surprised they even mentioned 4chan. /jp/ is mostly almost ALL ABOUT 2D GIRLS!! 99% of 4chan(at least on /jp/) just don’t give a damn about 3D girls… ever. the rest of 4chan would just call them weeaboos. and that’s the end of it. keyboard warriors exaggerate so much.

    • Well, I’m from Asia as well and I think Zukki is definitely chubby. Ain’t nothing wrong with that though but you have to admit she tends to stick out since the other girls are rail thin.

      The sad truth is the same thing is happening (has always been happening) is every culture, there’s a set standard of ‘beauty’ if you don’t fit in you’ll get criticized.

    • I am Japanese and I think she cute and talented. I think male fans are writing bad about her. I bet they are stupid, ugly and pervert!

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  19. 40 comments… I wonder if this is what “the shit hit the fan” means…

    Henkka, you’re pretty brave for having published this. Most of us, western fans, are overweight girls, and this thread is incredibly offensive to us. I love it.

  20. Man, they’re still using that “Foreigners download illegally” thing, huh? Back in the day, during Aika’s Audition, JPM got into a huge fight with 2ch and the thing they slammed at us the most was “YOU D/L ILLEGALLY, SO YOUR OPINION DOESN’T MATTER” Now with all H!P singles being on American I-tunes, CdJapan and Yes Asia counting toward Oricon, and subtitles in the Youtube videos, I thought that would have stopped XD

    I see that is not the case XD

  21. ROFL at the hypocrisy here!

    But its true that most of the foreign fans are illegal downloaders.

  22. I definitely agree with “saint”‘s comment: “Damn right we got douchebags in every country no doubt”.
    That is true. There are always people who like to be as anal as possible.
    And what comes to the subject of what’s “expected” from an idol isn’t necessarily that that they should be thin, there have been many no-so-thin idols before. I think what’s expected from them, at least on the point of view of a fan, is that they’re entertaining and possibly nice personalities so people could watch the more kind and innocent kind of world instead of the usual crazy news about murders, suicides, bombings, political BS and all that stuff that’s pouring on every other medias. I don’t know exactly what their agencies expects from them, not that any other fan would know either since none of us has ever seen any of their contracts.
    If some of you have one of their real contracts then please censor the names on the paper and copy and post that somewhere so fans could finally see in a black and white what’s expected from them. I’m not holding my breath for any of these things to ever show up though.

    Pretty lame that lots of grown ups put lots of time from their life to claim things about young girls they don’t know personally. Do they achieve something good with this behaviour? Does this help Kanon Suzuki somehow? I doubt it won’t, it might actually make things worse for her if she happens to read their ingenious views on the matter. Tough love my ass, like someone said there’s no love in this.

    Is there some official data about the weight indexes in Japan? If Suzuki is fat or even obese like most of the good willing people are saying about her then who or what kind of person is chubby if looked on the point of view of japanese people? Or is it that way that Japan doesn’t have any people who are chubby, there are only thin or fat people. “There can be only one”, like Highlander would say.
    Thanks for the post Henkka, it’s really interesting and really annoying at the same time.

  23. All of these guys’ rude comments about “gaijin” -.- I don’t even feel offended by them. They do it out of ignorance anyways :3. I won’t judge the entire japanese fandom -let alone all japanese people- based on these guys’ opinions.
    I have to admit a lot of us foreign fans just download the songs. With the shipping costs, it becomes really expensive for some of us to buy the CDs and goods.
    About the Zukki issue, I’ll say only one thing. BMI. If you’re in the normal range, you’re definitely not overweight. I am in the normal range and I’m a bit bigger than Zukki. So you can call her -or me- obese all you want, but you’ll be -technically- wrong.

    • Japanese BMI goes up to 23, not 25 and for a young girl about 14 it’s anyway “23 or less” which means, her BMI should tecnically be 21 at this point and no BMI doesn’t say everything, it doesn’t tell us about muscle mass and fat

  24. lol Number 5: he’s so right. that’s what Japanese wota must think. “stop up/down-loading their videos illegally.” I can see a point in his argument.

    For Japanese standards, Zukki is overweight, but I see girls with her figure here in Japan too, so it’s not that bad. For global standards, Zukki is a little chubby, but normal I’d say. Personally, I think she’s alright. If the management finally understood how to dress her properly, she would look a lot better.

    However, that one guy saying that “weight” is something you can change has a point too. You can’t change height or your face. But you can change your weight unless you have some kind of sickness or something. I’ve been wondering whether Zukki maybe has a hypofunction of the thyroid. It’s nothing bad but it would make it a lot harder for to lose weight. But I’m sure the management checks on the girls’ health regularly and would have noticed.

    Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed it. Japanese wota are awful and gross. Which makes it hilarious. xD

    • I agree. I see a lot chubby girls in my school. But they are clever in choosing right clothes or they will look fatter than should be. In Momosu, fashion designer not only makes Zukki looks fatter but also makes other skinny look fatter. Haha

  25. Well this isn’t about just a ordinary girl, this is a girl in morning musume who’s suppose to be a celebrity of sorts. So I personally think Zukki is overweight for her profession, anyone who thinks otherwise only need to compare to girls in other idol groups. The criticism is harsh but its reality and she’s a professional who needs to deal with it.
    Outfits should made better for her? sorry, industries aren’t that nice to accommodate people unless you got a big name and that type of treatment will definitely make Zukki more concious of herself.

    The word ‘obese’ is used wrongly here, Zukki is in no way obese and probably
    can be considered healthy since there’s training for dances and lives. So I actually wonder
    if she does have some kind of disorder that some people are suggesting since its definitely
    not normal for what shes doing.

    Zukki’s young and maybe her body is still balancing out, if she breaks out of this rut maybe we’ll have a secret gem that Michishige was.
    2ch comments need to be taken lightly, I’ve read threads where even beautiful celebs get bashed.

  26. I remember when Sayumi was going through a chubby phase. A guy I used to chat with about H!P called her a “cow” and laughed about her. He laughed about Risako too who was back then sooo young. He said that he liked his idols “stick skinny”. I was 19 at the time and all I could think was “You will never get a chance to even TOUCH a girl like that in your entire life and you have the nerve to laugh because she’s going through puberty and put on a little weight. You’re crazy.” Sayumi is now sticky skinny like I knew she would eventually become and I bet he’s got the biggest boner for her now, but when she was 15 she was a “cow”. And Risako looks womanly and soft. She’s no stick but I prefer her body. I noticed that Zukki was a bigger girl when she was added. I assumed that she would lost it as she went through puberty but she just got bigger. People can say some mean things. I think that we should just give her some time. She’s built like Maasa so she will never be comfortably skinny. Maasa lost all that weight for her photobook but I knew that she would gain it back because even as a child she was heavier than the others. It’s just biology. If Tsunku didn’t want a FAT girl in the group he would not have picked Zukki. He has eyes too!

    • The difference is… when looking up for their weight…

      Sayumi is stick skinny 162cm 45kg should eventually gain weight
      Risako was chubby but is now skinnier,
      curvy, less than the following 2 but bigger than the average idol.
      Zukki was about 155cm and 60kg which IS overweight.
      Maasa used to be seriously obese at some point at whopping 80kg for 166cm, way too much.

      But the bashing just showed me how unpopular Maasa is in comparison…

  27. im from asia and i honestly think zukki is “fat”. or above average weight for a less harsh word.
    and she’s a celebrity, even more so an idol, so i think the adjective doesn’t seem appropriate. should not fit with the job/ title she’s holding.
    but since im actively participating or immerse myself in world wide web where there is a fair recognition of GLOBAL standards, i learn to be receptive and sort of numb for all the clashing ideas and opinions out here. and it doesn’t apply to everybody. We can’t help it if their point of view is different from ours or yours. In the first place, 2ch was for Japanese whether scums or not.

  28. hoho. now we have comments on this blog from…





    and 4chan.

    oh henkka, what have you done?!?
    “The people translating and posting 2ch conversations on their blogs are insane.”

  29. I’m from Asia but I think Zukki is just Fat, not obese. And I think there will be a time that Zukki will loose some weight. As thy said, most of 2ch threads are just to badmouthing people. It’s good if we don’t get fired up with emotion. Just take the humors threads~

  30. “Obesity is an abnormal accumulation of body fat, usually 20% or more over an individual’s ideal body weight. Obesity is associated with increased risk of illness, disability, and death.” http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/obesity

    The excessive use of the word ‘obesity’ by EVERYONE is really what bothers me the most. Zukki is chubby, probably even considered overweight, but I’d be pretty damn surprised if she was actually obese. She would have to be MUCH bigger to be actually obese.

    Of course body types in Japan are much smaller than those of European, American(as in native), or African descent, so some of us view it differently. I know that despite the fact that I’m not fat,and I’ve had several people tell me I am too skinny, when I visited Japan, I look bigger next to many Japanese girls (due to boobs, butt and an hourglass shape).

    Of course it is a VERY valid point about how we treat our celebrities. Even kids, especially girls, constantly get flamed by anons over their weight if they’re bigger.

    What’s sad is that we as a global society think that an idol has to be stick skinny to be considered beautiful. We do though, as obvious by most comments you read anywhere.

    • Ya…please don’t quote/post a link where the information is well…retarded. A girl with 20% body fat, has a smoking hot body. Even 25% is not bad at all. Zukki, easily over 30%. She is definitely obese. Does it matter? No. I’m definitely not going to deny that she’s obese, but I’m not going to flame her over it either.

      I was a fan of the original fat Momusu member. Asami Konno. Remember how big she use to be?

  31. I remember posting that a while ago, but I forgot where I posted. And did it got translated for the Japanese Wotas to read? hahaha

  32. They’re completely right about Zukki (laughs) She shouldn’t be idol. She’d be happier having a normal life.

  33. Hey! I resent those comments about illegal downloading and freeloaders! I always buy the singles, and I make sure to purchase them from sites that I know contribute to Oricon sales. So, take that you know-it-all Japanese fans! >_< :D

    130: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/06/02(日) 02:42:50.42 0
    The irony in the fact that the guys slandering Zukki are fatties themselves…

    136: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/06/02(日) 02:47:57.24 0
    The foreigners championing her must be American fatties who live on pizza.

    ^These made me LOL. They're probably both true, especially the first one. Everyone knows that most Japanese wotas are just fat ugly men who have never had a girlfriend. I'm not even a Zukki fan (and I think she's overweight).

  34. Stop translating back and forth. It’s not gonna solve anything. I used to argue on the internet, now I just avoid it.

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    • It’s not foreign wota they are talking about! There is a huge stigma against Ikuta-ota as if they are mad at all the other members because Eripon gets shafted to the back all the time. Whenever they want someone to blame they pick on her wota as if they were the source.

      Like in this they are saying the Iku-ota are the ones badmouthing Zukki on 2ch and that is what we are reading (others do the same with Akekasu).

      • Oh I see.. I didn’t know about this. Well as an Ikuta wota, even if I’m foreign, I don’t bother her being at the back. She gets enough attention in TV shows and is slowly getting more screen time. It’s stupid that a lot of Ikuta wota’s are blaming it all on Zukki wota’s.

        • Ikuta wotas aren’t blaming anybody though. that’s the problem.
          they are being used as scapegoats. they are being blamed without reason.
          just like when you criticize MM on 2ch you are a Akekasu.
          If TV ratings are bad they blame it on Zukki for being fat or Masaki for being ugly etc.

          The ones hating the most on 2ch are Riho wotas. Even more than Sayu’s.
          The bigger the fanbase the more shit they talk.

  36. I don’t care about the BS they said about Zukki. Since the girl can sing and dance, and I truly hope she gets better and more chances to sing more lines – even if she’s not thrown in the front, I don’t care about that as long as I get to her “perfect pitch” voice as Sato Maasaki even said so herself during an interview. And it’s true that being an idol, you gotta be within the “standards of an idol. Whatever BS 2ch is saying about her weight issue and what not, let them, she’s an idol. The idol world isn’t a glorious place but Zukki will be alright. She has the fans who love her and will support her all the way.

    Now, the only thing that bugged me the most was that single one comment. THE COMMENT THAT SAID ABOUT KILLING ZUKKI. Seriously? Just wanting to kill a kid because of her weight issues is taking it too far. THAT IS JUST A SICK PLAINLY HORRIBLE TERRIBLE THOUGHT I HAD EVER HEARD. Sure, ya can go on and on about her weight for all I care but then going on about WANTING TO KILL HER BECAUSE OF HER WEIGHT? Really? I’m not standing silent for that. It’s ridiculously inappropriate of that person to have said such a thing!!! Has this person become the lowest of the low or what? To just want to kill a girl because of her weight, wow, I’m…wow, that person probably doesn’t even have any humanity. (How I would love to say this into that person right in the face.)

  37. I had to revisit this thread after her triumph in NYC got covered in the Japanese press. Now I hear she got a rousing curtain call in Osaka at their first concert since their return. It’s all vindication for Zukki and proof that the wotas’ infatuation just doesn’t matter. At all!

    • I had to as well. American fans also like the underdog; that’s apart of our “American Spirit” and “Work through Adversity!” mindset. So when we saw Zukki being flamed, she GAINED fans. It has very little to do with her being “Fat like an American LULZ”. So she’s a big girl. She’s still up there singing her heart on with a smile on her face despite her haters and the teen-aged American females fans eat that UP.

  38. She was the cutest MM! member! I loved the fact that she ‘stood out’ because it just put more focus on her talents for me.

    I can’t even watch MM! anymore because all the current girls look exactly the same. I don’t care who is ace and who is the best dancer/singer/model, they are just bland now!

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