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  1. I still remember her big shock of a face when it was announced at J-Melo that she’s the 2nd most popular member of MoMusu (& to think she won by a margin to Yayaomo)

    • I would love to see that video but I can not find it. Can someone provide a link? Thanks in advance! ^ ^

  2. I can remember a thread were Wota made fun of western fans because they thought westerns would like Sakura because for them she just looks like Takahashi, and they wouldn’t be able to tell the girls apart. Now they are comparing Zukkis with Stacie Orrico? Well done…

    • To be honest they might not have said that at all. When asked why I liked Sayu I said something like ‘She’s funny. She’s entertaining to watch’. I never said anything about her being cute, yet they’ve decided to say that I did as this is the image they want to portray. Never trust what you read in the media.

      • Maybe there was another guy with the same name?

        At any rate, why even bother giving a full name when you’re just going to make up the quote. At least make up a name too!

        • Doubtful. They have the same age, same favourite member as me and they’re from the UK as well. Besides, my name is in the paper anyway for being first in line. If there was more than one Craig Bennett they’d have noticed. ;)

          They do stuff like this all the time. I’ve done video interviews at Japanese concerts before where I’ve been instructed to give certain replies. In France they want the fans to be obsessed with Japan. In the UK they want us to be fans of The Beatles. I am neither.

          • I agree – when I was interviewed by Okai Chisato last year, about Morning Musume, I was asked what I liked about them.
            None of my replies were mentioned, as I didn’t mention ‘Formation Dance’
            All replies that were aired mentioned it, as that was what they were aiming for.
            Instead, they just showed me, and had written comments, ignoring all my answers.

    • Hi! I was just googling my name and I found this. The person in the article is me. I wanna say that what is written there is not entirely true. I did say that we were the same size, but it wasn’t given as a reason of why I liked her, and it was a joke. When they asked why I liked Zukki I told them it was because she was funny and her personality was very real. We were communicating in Japanese too, so I didn’t think there would be any room for miscommunication -shrugs- anyway, I hope Zukki never saw that and thought the same thing :( but yes don’t always trust what you read! They clearly cherry-picked it to have a more “compelling” article.

      That being said as a chubby woman I do think its important to have representation of my body type, especially in the idol scene where its so uncommon, so I don’t think that would be a totally invalid point to make. But definitely not the point /i/ was trying to make

  3. I was there, the cheer for Zukki was louder and more ferocious than even Sayu’s. She literally had to stop because nobody could hear her. All the members were visibly surprised and happy for her. It was awesome

    • Having seen her moment of shock on J-Melo being told she’s 2nd most popular abroad, I’d wondered if some sort of sequel would occur in NY. So now all this looks like a precognitive vision come true…and I LOVE it! Even though she’s not my oshi.

    • To be fair, I was screaming “fat-ass” and stuff like that very loudly. When I saw how happy she was with her real fans’ shouts, I became happy for her and stopped my insults.

      • I’m mildly surprised that didn’t result in bodily harm. I guess H!P fans are good people after all…

  4. To be honest, Zukki has more to her and she gets herself going because she understands but in the end. She’s a teenager and puberty sucks!

  5. The cheer for Zukki and subsequently her and Riho forgetting their lines the most memorable part of the concert for me.

    I can’t wait for Zukki’s solo A-side “All about that bass (日本語 ver.)” on their next single.

  6. Her obese boobs are horrible. American people are disgusting and their tastes are disgusting too.

  7. I’m so glad that she finally came to be at ease with the chubby thing or food love. Somehow that inspired me and helped me gain more self-confidence (to be honest, I’m chubby like Zukki and even own a Cha-chan at the age of 19 XD). I’m starting to feel Zukki’s aura, she looks much more beautiful when she’s comfortable with who she is. She will definitely shine someday <3

  8. TBH I like her during the Audition, she’s 2nd to Riho as my favorite but it’s downhill from there. I know she’s a kind person and funny but as an idol she doesn’t appeal to me anymore even if she lose weight.

  9. Japanese wota think the same as me. American’s like Zukki most because she’s American size aka fat. Fat in Japan and chubby in America where fat is the norm. I like Zukki because of that huge adorable smile ^_^

  10. I think that Zukki’s popularity in the US comes from something different from her pretty face, smile, and big boobs.

    I think there is a huge cross over with H!P fans and anime/manga fandom. In anime & manga (especially shoujo manga) a girl idol is portrayed as an ordinary girl who get chosen to be an idol by some strange plot device, is initially overshadowed by an army of “professional” idols, and triumphs in the end by being herself and having the audience identify with her.

    So, who else is in MM?

    Sayumi – Kind of like Zukki, but at the end of her run. Sayumi would start by being a scary sempai but would eventually help Zukki by saying that she had to overcome the same problems that Zukki is having.
    Mizuki – Pro – used to a H!P trainee and was in an anime related group
    Erina – Pro – former junior model and an aspiring golf pro before winning her audition
    Riho – Pro – five year entertainment pro before she started
    Haruna – Pro – formal junior model
    Ayumi – Pro – former junior cheerleader for a pro baseball team
    Haruka – Pro – former H!P trainee
    Sakura – Pro – former H!P trainee

    and Masaki – kind of like Zukki but also sort of an antagonist character, someone who feels entitled and acts in an immature way. In a manga, it would be Zukki’s main job to raise above the obstacles that Masaki puts in her way.

    So in conclusion, if Morning Musume.’14 was a manga then Zukki would be the main character. And, just like many other shoujo manga leading ladies, she is a gluttonous eater and hangs out with a plushie doll.

    • That would make her popular in all the other countries where manga/anime and H!P is popular: France, Spain, Brazil, Asian countries, etc.

      But Zukki is only popular in America. Because she’s fat and has a rather dark skin color, which one could say it’s like the majority of people in America at this time.

      And I don’t agree with “pretty face” and “big boobs”: those are not even boobs, it’s just deformed fat going in every direction (which seems to be popular with Americans, but still… Ew.)

      • 1) How do you say with certainty that Zukki is not popular is France, Spain, Brazil, and “Asian Countries”? Morning Musume.’14 has not played live in these countries so you have nothing to base your statement on.

        2) America does not have a monopoly on fat people. There are plenty of other countries struggling with obesity. Should we automatically assume that Zukki is popular there? Are there no fat people in France, Spain and Brazil? (13%, 18%, 14%) Also, at the NYC concert, the vast majority of the audience was not fat.

        3) You should wikipedia “breast” sometime. If you did you would see that Zukki has normally shaped boobs, and that quite a bit of a normal boob is fat tissue. A girl with big boobs (who is not lactating) will have a higher percentage of fat in her boobs. Otherwise they would not be big.

  11. nice to see you guys talking about female bodies so seriously while making your absolute ignorance so obvious lol

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