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  1. Glad you’re back Henkka! Feels like Yayaomo graduated & just got back to show business :P

    Now that I think about it, I have a physical CD best of album of Sharam Q which I never got a listen (bought it a 2nd hand CD shop worth only around 1USD (along with craploads of JPop CDs along with many H!P CDs)). Having listening to Terada’s songs for H!P for a decade now, I should give the Sharam Q CD a good listen.

  2. > new post
    > Tsunku thread
    > tsunkuinapond.gif
    > tsunkuinapond2.gif

    I wish.

    He has my best wishes.

    > Henkka: I gave it an honest shot, but being on hiatus just wasn’t for me.
    Now, if I could just hear the same from Berryz, everything would be perfect again.

    Except for… CHAYUUUU!

  3. Once I get some money I’ll buy one of your damn affiliate links so you can pay for the server and all that. So never leave again, please.

    • Don’t worry: you guys have probably covered the server costs and whatnot for the coming year already — thanks so much to everyone who helped the site! — so please don’t feel obligated for that reason. With that said, if you were thinking of getting something from CDJapan in the first place, I of course really appreciate the kind gesture.

      But I can only promise to keep doing this for as long as it continues being great practice and great fun for me. Hope that’s alright with you, sir.

  4. You’re back! I’m really glad, mate.

    I swear one day I will make a trip to Japan and I’m gonna bring you a bottle of the finest vodka money can buy!


    • Hehe. Thanks, but I think the good stuff would probably be wasted on me — I don’t really drink it for the taste if you know what I mean. I’ll gladly accept a bottle of your local cheap variety. ;)

  5. I’m glad that you’re back, Henkka!
    As always, thanks for the hard work!

    So I listened to “Touch Me” just for fun, expecting to laugh a little at Tsunku’s sexiness…
    But I’m a bit shocked that it’s a real good song. o_o

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  7. Haven’t check the site for a while, then boom!! 5 more new post I have not read! Welcome back to both you and me, henka

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