19 comments on “Tsubaki Factory’s Ogata Risa is way too honest

  1. I got a pre marp vibe from het before i read that she looks up to fukuru.
    That ol vibe is also accurate.
    But one that messes around with multiple men like a kitten plays with yarn. No emotional attachment. Empty inside.

    • I have to ask: are you completely drunk off your ass every time you post a comment on here?

      I don’t mean that as an insult in any way. I’m just curious. I like to be drunk off my ass as often as I can.

      • Eh no? Why would you say thay?
        The spelling mistakes? My phone isnt exactly iphone 6s and i just let it fly

        • The fukuru thing wasnt a mistake tho. She has a very owl like face. I love it. The face and also…oh well u kni

          • It’s just that everything you post is weird and makes little to no sense baskervill… The owl face thing makes sense tho.

  2. Oh my god. Himono onna is me.

    “It’s weird how much I get this unmarried, boyfriend-less OL vibe from Risamaru.”

    And I know exactly what this wota means XD It’s funny how some person just has a vibe or look about them that crosses language barriers…

  3. I guess Tsubaki Factory members are pretty interesting, because they look quiet (except Yumeno). In contrary with Kobushi Factory

  4. I like Maru from the beginning of Tsubaki, and I regret on how long I’ve neglected TNX.
    Just like when I see Miya, Uemuu, Nacky, Yukanyan, Risa, Oharu, and Rena for the first time, I know that I’ll love Maru for long term even after I get distracted every time UF/H!P recruited or promoted new members.

    Sorry for the rant, and for being a dd.

  5. she’s learning German? oO jetzt wird’s interessant…

    btw… I like Maro because of her talents and not her character… so I hope Risa is the same… but to be honest – I still don’t know how I feel about Tsubaki… I’m waiting for the big bang… one great song I love or a member I fall in love with…

    • Yeah lets be realistic gere
      There is bo way ahe will apeak any german. Maybe pre grundshule.
      Pre pre grunschule.
      If the japanese have trouble with english they are going to have 3 times as much with german.
      Can u imagine ger sayibg ” wiegeht es ihnen? Meine mutter heisst heidi”
      Ma iiine? Muta hai i suto hai … Ti
      No diarespect but its gonna be bad. Or too good. Depends on your voewpoint i guess

      • german pronunciation is easy for Japanese… I know it because a lot of japanese friends have trouble speaking English but their German is almost perfect…

        also… as a German I don’t have problems learning Japanese… there are multiple reasons… one is the pronunciation… but the most important reason is, that words are put together in both languages… in English there must always be a new word… so I don’t agree… English is one of the more difficult languages to learn for Japanese… German isn’t…

        btw… not I get what Henkka meant with being drunk ^^

        • You might know best but every seyou ithat tried lsoeaking in german in an anime…whay a disaster….jesus chrust it was a massacre.
          But hey i hope you are right.

        • Am German, can confirm. Pronunciation is quite similar between Japanese and German, at least much more so than English. But then again, English pronunciation is just nuts.

          Now the grammar being easier or more similar? I’m not so sure about that part.

          • nobody said “grammar” ^^ I give you an example…

            Flugzeug/Fluggerät – 飛行機 hikouki (lit. fly move device)

            it’s a device to fly… there are a lot of words that are put together like this… in English there is a completely different word – plane… I had a hard time learning English because I couldn’t remember the words at all… but I reached N4 Japanese in less than a year because I didn’t have problems with nouns, kanji and the verb conjugations…

            that said… Japanese is still very difficult to learn… but I personally had more trouble learning English…

  6. “I guess Maasa would be the with then” lol… Why? She’s too precious to be a witch. And she totally looks like that Keiko person.

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