6 comments on “Tsubaki Factory’s Niinuma Kisora is way too timid


    Her face and expressions are seriously the best. She’s the perfect idol in the sense that merely seeing her makes me feel happier, haha. I want to see her in a music video soon!

  2. “Angrily hiss like a cat”…what ever floats your boat i guess.
    Energy level speaking, she seems like she just has enough to pass the quota for an idol.
    Seems like the kind of girl you d push down a cliff and she ll calmly think ” oh no im falling, well i expected this, nobody really likes me”
    Seems but isnt.
    In reality, even if you pulled her hair in class, she d find a way to get back at you.
    I speak from experience.

  3. My opinion about her, strange face at the first time, but lately she’s cute when smiling. Can’t wait for Tsubaki’s major debut..

  4. Personally I never got into her. Even Risa and Riko, which I thought would be helpless cases for me, managed to become interesting to me. I’m actually disappointed with Kisora because everyone goes on about how funny she is while she’s like a wet cardboard on stage.

  5. “I always look like someone just stole my bike! I’m Niinuma Kisora!”

    This really made me laugh. It also made me want to steal her bike for some reason.

  6. 115: Aside from Kishimoto Yumeno, they all look kinda melancholy.

    i agree so much with this!!! that’s why Tsubaki is a lil weird for me, but they are cute!!

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