21 comments on “Fujimoto Miki annoyed about having to appear on the same TV show as Momoclo

  1. What? Miki always has that face. Just watch any Hello! Morning, she gave the same look to the other members.
    Or the thread is a joke and I didn’t understand it.

  2. Haha, that devilish grin… Rose Quartz Kanatomo has nothing on Mikitty one of the original Demon Queens.. Those evil glares will make Yakuza cross the street in fear

  3. Actually Yankee-generations from Momusu started by Yuko, and then she inherit it into 6th-gen (Mikitty & Reina). Somehow i saw Kntm is not that kind of “Yankee” look, she just went wild with a “cute” expression xD XD

  4. Thank goodness momoclo pink wasnt there. Her greeting “ahrin dayoooo” would have Mikitty’s face turn super scary, they would have to blurr it out.

    • Haha, if pink was there Mikitty might have had flashbacks of “I’m the Cutest” Michishige and snapped out of irritation

    • I dont know, Sayu was a bit more clever with words she used so it was funnier and more devastating… She would say the meanest things ever but since it was basically true and she would say it so cutely you couldnt really get mad or even with her

      • I think there are three classes of evil within the members of H!P.

        There’s the Sayu and Rika type. They put down and terrorize others with words — often to emphasize their own superiority or cuteness. Their seniority in their respective groups only makes them do more reprehensible things. Sayu’s recent voyerism and sexual harassment is well documented, whereas Rika was guilty of blatant power harassment in v-u-den.

        There’s the Yuko and Miki type. Their wickedness is kind of hard to pinpoint, but I’m sure every fan of theirs understands what I’m talking about if I mention the spiteful aura that surrounds them. Unlike the Sayu/Rika type, they don’t put down others just for their own benefit — they do it because it feels good. On their better days? They’re the “I’m glad she’s not my boss”, bitchy type. On their worse days? As Novakayne put it, they’re like Demon Queens from Hell even hardened criminals would avoid.

        Kanatomo, on the other hand, strikes me as more of a violent lunatic.

        I think it’s important to appreciate all three classes of evil because the one thing that’s common with all of them is that they all mellow out as they get older. (This remains to be seen with Kanatomo though, obviously.) But maybe it’s not even such a bad thing if they do considering how, for example, Yuko in her earlier years was basically Satan.

  5. Mmm…

    I see them more like:

    Type 1: Yuko, Sayu & Reina as essentially nice girls with a devilish side.

    Type 2: Rika, Miki & Gaki, bitches with occasional glimpses of nice.

    Type 3: Kanatomo, the psycho.

    (Don’t get me wrong, I love them all for who they are)

  6. I don’t know any of the girls names but the girl closest to Mikitty is just screaming

    “the hell you got that expression for!”


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