17 comments on “Things you want Mikitty to say to you after smacking you in the face (+1)

  1. She’d probably call me and idiot after hitting me lol

    If she did have a blog I bet the content would be just as blunt as the comments suggest lol

  2. I do wonder what the relationship was between Miki and Reina, I dont think i have seen them together in any backstage videos.

    • Then again, those two never really had backstage interaction with any other members anyways.. Just two people in the lonewolf / delinquent category.. How you sposed to make friends when everybody is scared of you lol

    • Somewhat recently, Reina went to karaoke with Miki and Ayaya, so their relationship can’t be all that bad, at least nowadays.

      • Makes since though… Reina was reborn when Maa-chan joined the group, that Great Wall of Reina was torn down and she became more open to making friends and just being around other people outside of work

  3. April 9th

    Michishige said she was the cutest again.
    I broke her mirror over her face.
    She wont be saying shes cute again


  4. After smacking me; “she will say: fuck off loser..”

    then I will quickly grab her boobs with one hand and assault her hips with other.. she will be shocked “what the fuck you think you are doing… get off me this instant or I will shout”

    then i will close in her and bang her really hard on to the wall, before she could recover I will pin her on the wall… with one hand firmly chocking her throat and other pressing hard on her bosom…. preventing her from making any noise.. and smoothly whisper in her ear “little fucking wench.. if you ever show that attitude infront of me again, i will rape your ass till you beg me for mercy” “fucking whore, i don’t give a shit about you”… then i will bite her ears and crush her boobs as hard as I can…. with my left foot clamping down her feet and my right knee ramming down oh her crotch…

    then i will fling her down across the room and leave nonchalantly… leaving her all bruised and in tears…..

    • What?! You didn’t rape her? That’s a pity, cos Mikitty’s probably the type of bitch who’d enjoy a kinky and violent session of S&M sex.

      • Too bad I don’t have a youtube account…. neither I am 12 year old. But I don’t get it, why are you scared of 12 year old youtubers??? you must be a little scaredy cat….

  5. I can already hear her saying those in Kansaiben even though an erratic version. Well, she’s not really from Kansai area.

    Her “parents” from Mechaike Kusojo probably will be proud of her.

  6. 193: 名無し募集中。。。 2004/09/19 18:37:36
    从'v')< I told you not to come inside! … You better take responsibility…

    Shouji, is that you? :P

    • My response: Gomen, Miki. I can’t help myself, besides, I can’t let all that semen go to waste, can’t I? but I’m more than willing to take responsibility.

      Henkka: Here’s an extra from the first one, just to save trouble for the impregnation fetish guy.

      To Henkka: Man, THANK YOU!…you just made my day!

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