17 comments on “Ishikawa Rika’s boobs will bring happiness to us all (+1)

  1. I had never agreed so much with two threads in a post.
    >> 225
    That’s what Idols are about.
    Henkka, it’s not fun if it’s not difficult and dangerous.

  2. I totally have a folder on my computer filled with pictures of Rika’s boobs. I look at them when I feel sad. They give me life.

  3. >>94
    Who would’ve ever thought at the time of the 4th gen auditions that Tsuji/Kago would now be mothers whereas Ishi/Yoshi are still virgins?


  4. In the picture with Rika and her sister wearing sunglasses, I can’t tell which is which.

  5. Id take my chances… Whats a stab wound or two from a delinquent/yakuza compared to a lifetime of happiness with Rika and her boobs charm

    Always did consider her the sexiest of all the Musume’s

  6. I doubt RIka is a virgin… there is just noway Tsunku would have left her intact and pure…. no wonder her boobs are voluptuous… too much fondling, jiggling, wiggling… its all Tsunku’s fault… lucky bastard.

    But can’t really blame him either…. so is so titillating… If she falls into my hand, i will do her three days and three nights continuously before letting her go. just thinking how she will moan in her cute voice… is making me so horny….

    • Of course she’s not! She already got her pussy pounded HARD. The sound she makes when her nipples are bitten was kinda cute though, though nothing could prepare anyone for that cry of orgasm of hers. Her boobs, as suspected, fall a little short of expectation, obviously she took a lot of pointers from Okada Yui how to tape those puppies together to give the illusion of a flattering cleavage…still, they ARE Awesome though. I hope Fukumura can outdo her in this department, and from what I’ve seen, she’s likely to surpass her senpai. If she turns 18, it would be great to include Mizuki in a threesome with Rika-chan

  7. It was also apparent even during Dream Morning Musume that Ishikawa was the only one flaunting her boobs. I guess that’s her signature look – boobs.

    • Basically… Practically since the time around her graduation and start of V-U-Den she became the Boobs Musume, every outfit she wore since then basically every one of her outfits had the chest area completly missing, leaving the charmy boobs out free to mesmerize the masses

  8. This is why Zoku V-u-den couldn’t flourish: Sayu was a poor, poor replacement for Rika’s, ahem… “talent(s)”.

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