10 comments on “Momochi: “Girls tend to deteriorate with age. But I’m still absolutely flawless with a perfect face and figure. I’ve grown up in the most ideal way.”

  1. It’s funny, because some days ago I was thinking to myself “why hasn’t Wota In Translation posted anything about Momochi’s last photobook??” And here it is. :p
    I’ve never been a Momochi wota, but I am completely dazzled by her beauty right now. She looks stunning. Momo, Sayu and Maimi are the living proof that a woman’s beauty reaches its top at 25.

  2. What makes this great is that she’s actually right lol… Momo has looked the same since she was in middle school, she has aged as good as any idol can.. There are a few idols who shall not be named who have had it rough with aging lol but Momo still looks like she belongs when lined up with other current active idols… You wouldnt think shes in her 20’s if you werent told

  3. Truthfully, she’s truly speaking the truth.

    > 3. ℃-uteな名無しさん 2017年03月07日 14:02 id:Px9LVU8k0
    > Why would you be at the peak of your cuteness just when you’re about to graduate… It hurts…

    If she’s at her peak, she doesn’t want to show the downward slope of the curve, obviously. Not that I believe there would be one.

    It hurts.

    Thanks for the thread, Henkka.

  4. She has great skin but she’ll always be Jaw-san for me. Her big jaw is the only thing I can notice

  5. mmm… in my opinion most Idols in H!P mature very well, even Yuko looks great in her 40ties.

  6. While Momoko may be proud of her looks so far, I have noticed that Moritaka Chisato in a picture next to Yajima Maimi still looks like she was in a group with Maimi, even though she’s old enough to be Maimi’s mother.

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