28 comments on “Berryz Koubou cheer for Momochi at her graduation; Momochi too embarrassed to even look at them

  1. The time goes by but the Berryz loss never ends..and i’m so happy with that!

    Ps: Maasa, marry me.

  2. I never got into Berryz (probably out of laziness) but I do like all of the members. This was a good thread. :)

  3. Man.. I still remember my dream about Momochi.. Every time I’m reminded that she has graduated.. My chest tighten..

    • This dream to be exact, just copied my previous post in another thread.

      I dreamed of riding a train with Momochi once. There was just the two of us in the whole train. I can’t recall exactly where the train was heading, but it was going through a cliff near a sea or something. In that dream we didn’t talk at all, the train wasn’t even making any sound when it was running.

      We just sat there, with her head on my shoulder and her arms around mine. Her eyes were closed like she was sleeping. I on the other hand was looking where the train was going and after a while, I saw a tunnel couple of hundreds yards away.

      As the train was reaching the tunnel, sounds gradually began to enter the dream. Like the train, the sea and such. As we’re about to enter the tunnel, I heard my self talking. My voice was clear and audible despite the loud train whistle. I turned my head to Momochi and said “Thank You”. She slowly opened her eyes and looked back at me with a smile. She didn’t say a word but her smile was so.. Serene. The train entered the tunnel and everything went dark.

      I woke up, feeling rather.. Well feeling nothing actually but I noticed there were warm tears flowing from left eye. I wonder why..

  4. >2. “Berryz was a fun group.”


    3. “This was such a cute episode.
    And yet, why do I feel like I’m about to cry…?”

    …This too…

    >16: “Kumai-chan, Momochi, Berryz… everything about this heals my soul.
    What a heartwarming episode.”

    …Also THISSSSSS….

    >8: “Oh man. I feel like I’m about to get sucked right back into Berryz Loss.”

    ….Feel ya…

    All of those are accurate….

    …And in the end everything sums up in these

    >7: “Dammit…

    I love you, Momochi.
    I love you, Berryz.”

    >9: “I really do love Berryz…”

    *Fades away*

          • Who else would dislike a nice comment like the above, then? Of course an immature idiot like you. Sorry that you’re so childish that the best thing you can do is bully people calling them “shitstain” because they loved and now miss a group.

            • Maybe, just maybe, the post is shit because it is literally just saying “THIS” over and over again. Nice fanfiction you’ve come up with though. Shitstain.

              • Pfft, I know better than to waste my time with people like you but… My goodness, it’s amazing how low has society dragged some people…

                So I felt identified with what those anons said and turns out that’s somehow wrong? Seriously, have you nothing better to do than be the comment police?

                Also, it’s pathetic how you not only feel entitled to randomly insult me but also that you have to give your own comments a thumbs up.

  5. An immature idiot who also happens to be a °C-ute fan* (not that being a °C-ute wota is bad, it’s just bad when they’re arrogant jerks who apparently go around looking for Berryz love comments just to insult the comenteer).

    Sorry that you’re so childish that the best thing you can do with your time*

      • Seriously, why do you allow this sort of harassing to be displayed Hennka? You should delete comments like these.

        Oh, and btw, your username goes on the box below the big one you see first ;) You might want to remember that, if you get what I mean.

        • Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

        • Just to answer your question. Why? Because this is what the “comment policy” on this site has looked like for many years now. About a year ago, I asked readers if I should change it. (I’m personally also not a fan of shitty comments — which is why I don’t read “unfiltered” 2ch very much at all). The answer, however, seemed to be a resounding “no.” That’s the best answer I can give you. I hope it makes sense to you.

          • While the shitty comments can be pretty shitty, I still highly appreciate the fact that your comment policy is as it is and I’d like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you for keeping it that way. It’s nice to have a persistent place for free discussion.

  6. I keep having dreams with Momochi in them recently. The dreams are, as dreams are wont to be, very odd. They also let me wake up with a refreshed feeling of Momochi-loss.

  7. The first time I watched a Berryz video was around Priri to Yukou. I was in college and had been a Morning Musume fan (Aibon oshi) for some time. I thought that bunch of kids was really funny, so I began following their work. I watched over them for 11 years, and during all that time, Momochi was never one of my favorite members – never. She was cute and entertaining, but I didn’t care too much about her, actually, there was some time (around “yurushite nyan”, probably) I felt I really disliked her. After Berryz broke up, I ignored her and Country Girls, and hadn’t watched anything related to her until I decided to see her graduation concert. I mean, I know I didn’t like her, but she was in Berryz Kobo, my favorite idol group EVER, I had to watch it! I kinda wish I hadn’t… I don’t know why, but she looked completely different – so calm, so adult-like. She was stunning, cheerful, and performed everything so flawlessly… I became a Momochi wota at the day of her graduation. I can’t believe I’ve underestimated her idol skills. She was incredible.

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