8 comments on “Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book Interviews: Ishikawa Rika

  1. To be fair, 4th gen had the scariest welcome in MM history (with Chii’s introduction in second lol). Even though the girls were threatened by Gomaki, they still reacted to her with a pleasant surprise. Yaguchi and Ichii even talked with her. When 4th gen came, the girls looked PISSED. Yuko looked upset, Gomaki looked annoyed, even Yaguchi had a “are you serious!” reaction and Rika looked like she was going to cry lol. But, 4th gen managed to brilliantly weave themselves into the group.

    And I believe if 15 year old Rika auditioned she’d still be accepted regardless of skill level. Even though she was the least talented out of the finalists, the audience was actively rooting for her because she already looked like an actress like Fukada Kyoko or Kato Ai who were popular at the time. She just stood out without having to do anything. Her and Yossy had the best reactions by the audience when their names were called by Tsunku because they just looked like they were meant to be idols.

  2. Maa-chan has memories of being scolded a lot. Ishikawa has memories of having to scold others a lot. Being an idol is difficult! :D

  3. Tsunku had/has an eye for picking ageless beauties for MM.

    Also, I think Henkka is trying to kill all of us. Rika, Maria, and Yokoyama in less than a month? That’s almost too much beauty to take.

  4. Charmy Sama, my #3 ranked Idol of all Time behind only Kamei and Sayu (Charmy’s #1 pupil and greatest creation)

    I feel like Charmy created the concept of the “Variety” type idol of the Modern Idol era. She broke the orthodox idol mold with her Burriko\Cutesy character which evolved to Leader of Sexy, which along with her sharp witty comedic skills showed to everyone that you don’t have to be the best singer or dancer to become center or super popular. There was nothing like her in the Idol world at the time and her approach to carving her path in the variety field was sort of ground breaking. She paved the way for girls in the future who strived to be a variety type, especially those burriko’s and fishers of today like Yanagawa Nanami, Suda Akari and Akimoto Manatsu.

  5. Rika has always been my favorite MM member. If she was in the camera frame, she is the one I watched.

    • I agree! Rika was never my favorite member, but whenever she’s on camera, you just can’t look away. She manages to make the most boring things interesting to watch (in a good way!). She just *has* that magnetic appeal other idols strive their whole idol life for.

  6. Why she didn’t spoke about the time she was caught on camera saying how nasty wotas were? LMAO

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