17 comments on “Who had the more entertaining fights on radio: v-u-den or Country Musume?

  1. Based on this selection of quotes, Country Musume and v-u-den seem like opposite situations. One comfortable enough with each other to take teasing to extremes, the other uncomfortable enough to make disagreeing awkward.

    About the link to radio shows, I will say this: my knowledge of Japanese being very minimal, I still enjoyed listening to Blend Kiss with Ayaka and Satoda Mai. They sound like they’re having fun.

      • Rika’s just good at bitching. Dealing with that’s easy enough…to punish her, I’ll just gag her mouth with my fully-erect hard cock sliding in and out of it after I’ve tied both her hands behind her back and then force her to choke on my semen. Then, I’ll make sure she truly pays for her insolence by removing my cock and slamming and pounding it hard in her vagina until I couldn’t hold my sperm any longer. I will cum inside her over and over again until repeatedly fucking her anc coming until my semen overflows and starts to ooze out of her pussy and she begs me to stop, promising to repent tearfully in between sobs.

        • Tsk.
          These kind of replies irks me to not read the comments of this superb translation blog.
          Delicacy. Delicacy.
          Keep your perverted threats to yourself and outside here.

  2. > “But Henkka, how will I learn anything by just listening to them speak? I don’t understand any of it.” If you were thinking of typing a comment right now to ask me that, then that is time wasted because you should’ve been spending it by thinking about which radio shows you’re going to listen to.

    Having listened to way too much Japanese before even taking my first course was probably the one thing that helped me the most with language acquisition. Few things beat having an intuitive feeling for what sounds right or wrong when wrangling grammar or trying to remember which way to conjugate a verb.

    • Funny, the first Japanese words I’ve learnt are “kimochi”, “iku..iku!!”, “Oppai sugoi”..thanks to their legendary AVs, they’ve given me a good introduction to the Japanese world, and Jap language by extension.

  3. And all this time I thought Kanatomo was the first tyrant in HP… Rika-chan had already trailblazed that path before!

  4. Rika always seemed like such a brat. But I know some people like that, so good for her and them.

    • Unlike Kanatomo, Rika’s not one who’d resort to physical violence. Nothing a good pounding of her pussy couldnt achieve to make her learn her place.

      • Pussypounder i want to be your friend cuz you might be the twisted person to comment here and i respect that of you for having the balls to do it.

  5. As a person who has taken many languages, listening to them passively and such will ABSOLUTELY help you develop that intuitive sense and mindframe that will make things much easier. It’s worth it.

    Getting kicked would certainly be exhilarating. Or rather, I’d like to have a sport ball be kicked into my face.

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  7. Haha, Charmy ruled with an iron fist… Dont think i’ve ever seen a dictator as sexy as charmy lol

  8. Is there a way you could possibly block the IP addresses of the over the top comments?

    That being said, Miuna was a gem, for real. I love her.

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