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  1. When Berryz came to the US for the second time, Japanese wota brought all their items before I even got to the front of the line.The line didn’t move an inch and everything was gone besides the most recent CD. It cost like 40 dollars and I brought it anyway just because I didn’t want to be defeated by the long line. In the end, I didn’t have enough money to buy lunch.

  2. The Valentines gift packages are so pitiful and just cheap cash grabs. I watched a video of a fan opening one and it just felt so cheap to me, like 60% of it was packaging. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX9KyOznI7g (he’s so excited over a brown mug lol)

    I mostly focus on buying CDs, DVDs, and photobooks. I only have a handful of concert goods, mostly visual books and pinups. I think my worst buys are when I get more than one of the same CD, like Toki-Sora I bought 3 versions, mostly because I’m a sucker for differing DVD content and pretty jacket photos.

  3. >>50
    > Tsugunaga Momoko Rubik’s Cube.
    I want one!

    > I turned it two or three times before it broke.

    > Well, I’m pretty sure that was because they were these order-made leather bags so there was no way to check how much they were worth.
    So made to order is the way to go, huh? That’s good to know.

  4. Unofficially, I’ve bought a few pictures off of eBay and a copy of C-ute’s Tokkaiko Junjou ’cause it was super cheap.

    The only things I’ve bought officially are singles. I was kind of disappointed when I found out CDJapan wasn’t able to contribute to Oricon the entire time. I’ve only bought like 5 CDs through the span of 2011~2014 so it’s not like I went all out, but I know there were people who probably regret bulk buying from CDJapan.

    I don’t regret buying MM’s 55th single though. It came with a poster and a nice pic of Sayu. Maybe I’ll buy TIKI BUN if it has good bonuses again.

  5. I’ve got thousands of photos and all they do is sit in binders, collecting dust. I have 6 tapestries, but I actually hang those up. I have all kinds of random goods that just sit in boxes doing nothing.

    The small items, I tend to use. Keychains, notepads, coin purse, etc.

    • Not trying to rag on you in particular, but the mass collecting of photos is hard for me to wrap my mind around. PRO: Small, thin, doesn’t take space. CON: It’s like being sold a photobook but having to pay higher fees for individual pages.

      …says the guy who bid on his first H!P photo on eBay earlier today.

      • Ya, I might give up on some of the photo collecting and just collect 2L photos. Less of them, although at a higher price. Right now, I only collect Reina (no LovendeR photos) and Masaki photos.

        Buying them just as they come out is the best way to go, especially the whole group set ones. With the group set ones, you can sell all the girls off, minus the one member you want to keep. This can end up in your favor depending on what price you set it at. This would end up with you essentially getting the photo you want without paying anything. Maybe even making a profit.

        I remember watching one L photo sell for around $30, as some people ended up getting in a bidding war over it.

  6. I bought a Tanaka Reina signed baseball on eBay. It’s a licensed H!P thing and all, but I’m still not sure if it’s real or just a very well done forgery.

    I also bought all the Kaito Reinya goods I could get my hands on, I still talk to the plush doll, so at least I have somebody(?) to reflect my madness on.

  7. I bought Rock Erotic and Motto Zutto single sets… even though I paid full price for the set, I still ended up listening to the music and watching the making of on Youtube.
    Biggest waste of money.

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  9. I have been lucky since I stick to CD’s. The only one I remotely regret buying was Morning Musume’s 11th CD since I thought it wasn’t as good as the previous ones.

    I do have an irrational fear though. I fear that if I get a huge HD monitor and start buying Blu-ray disks of concerts then I will notice that many of the girls have zits and have by fandom ruined.

    • Two things.

      First, if a couple of zits or whatever is enough to throw you off, I don’t really know what to say.

      Second, bluray ain’t all that. It’s way better than DVD, but it’s still a far shot from perfect. Here’s three random shots directly taken from bluray: 1, 2, 3

      If you look at them from further away and in motion, you’ll see even less details than when staring at still frames from close up on a PC. In short: You’ll be fine.

  10. Havent really bought anything but I kind of want that toaster and those chopsticks lol

    And that dude that bought like 30 concert tickets is my hero, how much money did he spend lol… Was is so he could dance his ass off with nobody to get in his way cause im pretty sure he bought a whole venue section lol

    • I’ll bet at that concert they were thinking, “If this concert was sold out, why the hell is it so empty in here?”.

  11. I was actually going to buy the Space Venus game (it’s still $10) but then I realized it was barely a game and didn’t lol, so nothing to regret there.

  12. I’ve never regretted any H!P purchase I’ve made, nor have I bought more than 5 of any item. However, the oddest H!P items I’ve collected are probably the Berryz Kobo flip-flops, or the Berryz Kobo jigsaw puzzle, or the Berryz Kobo car window decal.
    When it comes to collecting H!P goods, I am a sucker for t-shirts, towels, photobooks, posters (especially autographed posters), concert Blu-Rays… and, of course, CD’s.

    But, why would anyone regret the odd items, like, the toaster or lunch box? Those are so cool!

  13. I only bought a few CD singles, a few photos and a couple of the birthday shirt sets. I lucked out getting the shirts when I did last year, considering how dull this year’s shirts are …

  14. Buying photobooks in bulk and never opening them. XD

    Also, once spent a good 15,000 yen on photos, shirts and books from the official shop when I went there a long time ago. That’s on top of the 12,000-yen secondhand ticket I bought for a concert and the 5,000 yen I spent on concert goods that same day.

    I kind of regret buying all those photos and photobooks because they’re all over the ‘net anyway, and you don’t have to look hard to get them.

  15. got almost 1000$ worth of H!P stuffs (pbs, albums, dvds) i didn’t buy. got them as gifts from wota friends. so it was all good, i sometimes browse through and listen

  16. In real life i am a blacksmith so i got some old gold i had and melted it all to form a crown. It wasn’t big it was 5 1/4. It was a crown i made for sayu and it had 3 three pink gems. One in the middle and two below it. I engraved “Sayumi Mishishige queen of Momusu”, then a week and a half later it was returend saying it was to high valued and that they thanked me for supporting momusu. I was kinda sad because i put three weeks of had effort making sure it would be perfect for her. Maybe if i give to her personaly she’ll take? What do you guys think?

  17. bought nothing because:
    – my room is small
    – can pay only with cash on delivery
    – high prices with shipping costs, customs duties and value added tax
    – package can be lost / stolen

    considered iTunes, but Apple is getting 30% and I don’t buy products from companies like Apple.

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  19. THE MINI MONI TOASTER!! I’m so jealous. I’ve been looking for that everywhere. Yeah, the rubik’s cubes are awful. I have the Mini Moni one and it’s definitely not in good shape.

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