10 comments on “Country Musume still lives!

  1. So is Miuna still doing Thai massage? And is she still living in the US?

    Suddenly my back is feeling really sore.

    Honestly, that would be pretty weird getting a massage from a former H!P girl.

  2. Only the queen of all bakas Satoda Mai would bring up these type of irrelevant facts lmao :) It is true that they never actually officially disbanded, they just sort of faded away over the years and the mass Elder Club graduations kind of masked the fact that she never actually graduated from Up-Front

    • “Uwaki na Honey Pie” is one of the greatest H!P songs ever. I think it should have sold 1 mil copies instead of Love Machine. Man, I don’t even like Love Machine.

  3. Look, and recently I’ve wondering how is Rinne doing. I haven’t heard anything about her after her graduation.

    And, Hiromi… It’s such a pity that she died. Really. Even now, whenever I think about it, I’m sad.

    Yet, it taught me something important: How lucky that no one else besides her has died.

  4. just time traveling to say this topic is real and there is some new cute girls in the group,,
    Utachan XD

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